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Earth Rebirth

The classic 'shovel party', where a group of mortals are made into Vampires and left to fend for themselves. Only those who win are worthy of being shown the ropes of their new afterlives.
The following is a brief excerpt from Gustav's Grimoire: a manual of interesting and terrible things one might find in the night written by Gustav Ingram.   There have always been vampires: those that shun the light of day, and drink the lifeblood of others in order to fuel their own accursed bodies. Anyone that tells you otherwise is a liar, idiot, or one of their pawns. However: Some time in the past other strange creatures of the night have found themselves on Omnusat Island and one such creature is very similar to the vampire you can hear stories whispered in the corners of taverns at night.   They aren't from here. They came from somewhere else. I don't know where, none of the ones I have managed to catch have been old enough to know. But they're out there, and they are far more dangerous than your 'ordinary vampire' - They can do things that since The Death of Magic have been thought impossible.   Some times, they make more of themselves. Whether it is an attempt to 'share their gift' or 'inflict their curse' depends on your point of view. Usually these kinds of things happen in secret, but apparently there are some that don't care for secrecy. They don't bother to hide in the shadows, and simply act as they will.   I know what I do from years of gathering clues, trying to solve the riddle of where these dangerous creatures came from. A whispered tale here, a gurgled story on a poor souls deathbed there. Messages written in blood, fragments of burnt up paper. I've been piecing it together for a long time, and of course everyone thinks I'm crazy. Might be I am. But these things are happening. I caught one of the new ones and he told me everything he could before he asked me to end him.  

The Ritual of Earth Rebirth

  Some times they pick their victims for a reason, and some times it's random chance. A handful of people are gathered and knocked out. While they sleep they remember a strange drink being offered, a delicious and warm brew unlike any they've ever had before. Then they get buried alive. When they awaken they are enclosed in earth and if they open their mouth to scream all they get is a mouth full of dirt.   It takes some time but eventually they realize they don't have to breath anymore unless they want to. Are they dead and in some sort of awful afterlife? Some of them give up at this point and never try to get out, but the others. . They follow their senses and their thirst - they can feel something upwards. Clawing their way out of the dirt, they find they have been buried 'alive' under the moons and stars. Their thirst gets the better of them, and if there are others emmerging from the shallow graves they may find themselves unable to resist the urge to steal their fill.   In the end only a few or perhaps just one of the survivors remains and then someone comes out of the night to explain. Or they don't, and I find them instead. That's how I learned what happened to poor William before I helped him move on. What kind of twisted monster turns random people into monsters and leaves them without any guidance? I wish I had some answers. I wouldn't believe it either unless I'd seen it myself, and something tells me this isn't the first time.

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