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Trek of the Navigator

If one cannot learn to navigate the caves, their lives are forfeit nonetheless. Surely, you know this?   Fear not. The child will return. It may take hours. It may take days. But they shall return.
— Iskani Stoneshaper Elder
  The Trek of the Navigator is the name given to the coming of age ceremony practiced by many Earthheart Iskani.   Earth iskani youth undergo this coming of age ceremony when they prepare to cross the threshold into social adulthood. This coming of age ceremony is practiced by many earth iskani civilizations, regardless of ethnicity or origin. It is practiced anywhere the earthheart iskani lay their roots, with some exceptions based on geographic location and availability of caves.   When an earth iskani child is prepared to enter adulthood, they are sent off to the caves, left in the dark, and expected to make their return on their own, with only the earth spirits to guide them. It is expected that all earth iskani are able to commune with their element, and express the patience to hear, understand, and follow the instructions they are given to safely return to the surface. Once this trial is complete, they are left with the confidence that they may traverse caves without fear of losing their way. If an earthheart is unable to complete this ceremony successfully, it is a heartbreaking event, but sometimes unavoidable.
Others may find it appalling to see children left to fend for themselves in the caves.
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