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The metamorphosis is an Alreian coming of age ceremony which takes place on the fifteenth birthday of a child, to guide them into adulthood. The ceremony likely originated as a custom amongst the Maidens of Aurea's Flutter, and eventually spread amongst the general population. However, many Alreian traditions are as old as time, and this discussion is similar to that of the chicken and the egg. Moreover, the purpose and execution of the ceremony differs greatly between Aurea's Flutter and the general population.

Aurea’s Flutter

On their fifteenth birthday, caterpillars, as young females of Aurea’s Flutter are called before their metamorphosis, are guided into womanhood by the other Maidens of Aurea’s Flutter and the Painted Lady herself.
The ceremony is heavily based upon the metamorphosis a Maiden undergoes to become the Painted Lady. The girl is bathed in scented water, her hair and dress decorated with specific herbs and flowers, and presented to the attendees as a child one last time. The girl is then wrapped in fine silk from head to toe and briefly submerged in Shimmer Lake in the Chamber of Echo's. She is then unwrapped and presented to the attendees as a woman and as Aurea’s Maiden.
After her metamorphosis, a Maiden gets assigned her duties as part of Aurea’s Flutter. These duties she will most likely perform until she is unable to do so due to age or other circumstances, or until her death.

General Population

Among the general population, the metamorphosis is more a celebration than an important step towards adult duties. On their fifteenth birthday a child is presented to family and friends, dressed in simple garb of fine silk. The child will then take place in front of the household shrine with both parents at their shoulders. The parents will pour water over the child and pray to Geom Aurea. Next, the now young adult will dry themselves off and put on more fine and elaborate garb, and is subsequently presented to family and friends as an adult. After that the festivity usually continues until late at night and even the early hours of the next morning.
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