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Prompt 18: The Long Hunt

The Long Hunt is a sacred rite performed by anyone who wishes to join a hunter clan. Seen as a coming of age rite, many young hunters risk their lives to survive a week in the wilderness. Leading to them tracking down a target of their choosing to challenge for the final part of the rite on the last day of the Long Hunt.   Some have taken it easy and focused on hunting to survive, only choosing something that will pose a slight challenge after surviving so long. Those who wish to make a name may even challenge some of the more dangerous beasts that roam the frozen lands. -A Hunter from Clan Talon
    The Long Hunt is a rite performed when a hunter of the frozen lands is tasked with hunting for one week. They are sent out with their weapon and armor. Given no supplies as they must procure their own food and means to keep warm. If they survive this period they are accepted as members of the hunting clan they wished to join.   Before this the prospective hunter might have either been apprentice to a seasoned hunter or be considered a trainee with a hunter pack. Doing their part to learn and support their pack with each hunt they take part in. This allows for them to master what is necessary for the rite.   Young hunters begin training to join a hunter clan at around twelve. Mainly acting as support or aiding with the creation of tools. As they get older they will learn how to hunt as a team and the means to survive in the wild. With when they either reach eighteen or given the go ahead by the ones training them to take the rite.

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