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Camaerithian Coming of Age

When a Camaerithian elf decides they wish to proclaim their adulthood, there is a certain ceremony that must be follower. Camaerith is deeply steeped in tradition and culture, and their coming of age rites are no different. This ceremony is vital to a Camaerithian elf being seen and treated as a true adult. Indeed, until they have completed it, there are even certain limits upon what they can and can't do. For example, an elf who has yet to complete the ceremony cannot own property, as they are not yet a true adult in the Camaerithian society's eyes.   The ceremony is comprised of two parts: first, the Tyaltasama (Test of Mind), then the Ylma Arakhor (Blessing of the Heart). The Tyaltasama takes place in the temple at the heart of the city. There, the elf undergoing the coming of age ceremony drinks the Fara Swele (Illusion of the Soul), a holy potion concocted by the Curators within the temple. This potion is a hallucinogenic, and induces a vision of the imbiber's greatest fears, which, when an elf drinks it, are derived from the memories of their past lives. With this hallucination, the imbiber then must face a trial of their mind and soul.   Within this trial, the elf could face anything from grueling combat from their past lives to a trial of their mind and soul. Sometimes, their spirit is scarred and their mind is broken. This is rare, as the clergy and the family of the elf in question do their best to prepare them for any trials they may face within the hallucinated space. Either way, once they complete these trials, they come out of the trance and are taken into the second step of the coming of age ceremony: the Ylma Arakhor.   The elf is led down beneath the temple, into the center of the Wild Heart. There, the circle of druids that guards the shrine grant the elf the Ylma Arakhor, the Blessing of the Heart. This restores their body and mind, eases their soul through any traumas it may have, and prepares them for adulthood in a state of peace and tranquility. After the Ylma Arakhor, the elf is officially an adult.

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