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The Rite of Maturity

Today is the day kids, you will be sent to the Ground below, and left to fend for yourself. Whatever you gather is yours to keep.
So remember, find some good stuff, maybe hunt something down, and most importantly try not to die.
No one will be there to watch over you.  
-Rike Skoritzel to aspiring Raiders during their Rite of Maturity


Rite of Maturity is the first ritual any child goes through and serves as proof that the young ones can handle themselves. All other rituals need one to be considered mature and adult to participate. During this ritual, the young show up their knowledge, skills, and ability to face challenges. The challenges may be softer than the ones the Atocitera throw at them, and serve mainly as another teaching and preparation instead of a final challenge.   This ritual is feared and known for its life-threatening dangers. Its challenges and dangers are changed based on the size of the participating generation. During times of a very large population boom, it also serves to ensure only the strongest survive.  
They should be down by now.
Go and keep an eye on them. The others are already down there securing the most dangerous places. Your job is to make sure they don't run into something a combined force of you all can't take on.  
-Rike's instructions as watcher during Rite of Maturity

Various versions

There are two different categories of the Rite of Maturity. Each having its own levels of risk and rewards for kids to choose from.   Raider for instance go in a group to the Ground below and perform their first Raid in area safe enough for their estimated skill.
The Raid during the Rite of Maturity is free of any commission or payments, meaning that whatever the kids bring up as loot, is theirs.     Those aspiring to become Refiners process their first smaller orders. Any materials for the orders are supplied, and if they perform well, any payment for the work and material becomes theirs too.    During both of these rituals, Planners are watching, and evaluating. In case a Planner needs an assistant, they can pick one from the promising children. They do so if the children show exceptional ability to evaluate risks, prepare for various possibilities and bring the chances towards the outcome they desire.  
Do you think you are a Raider just because you survived once? While having a babysitter watching your back?
No No No!
Come back when you singlehandedly kill some monsters, then we will talk.
-Vioktill Raiders to Rike

Intensities of Raider's Rite of Maturity

While refiners are proving themselves with their creations, Raiders need to prove themselves facing the dangers of the Ground below.
At first, the rituals were meant to trim out the weakest and let only the strongest survive. This proved to be efficient only to a certain degree. As few Atocites died out due to the ritual being too strict.
In the light of that, the conditions were expanded, and various intensities were created to take into account the current situation of the Atocite.
The very strong Atocites, who have enough people to ensure their survival take the more intense versions of the ritual, while those on the brink of dying out take the least intense versions.   This disparity in versions, unfortunately, affects the Raider's reputation among other Raiders, causing those who took the more intense Rite of Maturity to look down on those who took the easier version.
Luckily this is something that can be changed with one's effort and accomplishments.   The various intensities and their differences are following:   The strongest for themselves: During this version, the whole generation is sent onto a Raid while being told that whatever they claim and can bring up is theirs without further questions.
This leads to a simulation of real Raids, where each Raider is for themselves, sort of as in the real ones. Raiders can freely decide whether they form groups or if they will go alone. Those who die are considered weak and failures and receive only the basic respectful parting.   This version is used only by the strongest and most secure Atocites, leading to generations of even stronger Raiders.     Stay strong in a group: While the previous intensity allows for stray solo Raiders or smaller group, this intensity define groups even before the raid starts. The group is evaluated as an individual, and if they return with losses, it is not considered as failure, only as a sad thing.  This method is used by those who received some big losses and want to get their numbers up again. Or whose numbers are good enough for their current situation and want a stronger generation of Raiders.     Alone with a watcher: This is the intensity where Raiders start being looked down upon. They enter the ground below alone, and a few moments later a veteran Raider follows to watch over them. Because the watcher is instructed to jump in and prevent death if possible, this intensity is the first where Raider is considered as unable to be fine by themselves.  Other than that, the Raider is in it alone.   If it was not for the watcher, this would be the most serious and intense version of Rite of Maturity, but not even the strongest dare sending their young to the ground below alone.     A group with a watcher: Similar to the previous intensity, this one sends down a group of aspiring Raiders and a while after them a veteran Raider to watch over them. This intensity is used by Atocites who received a very big hit to their numbers and can't risk losing an entire generation of promising Raiders. As that could cause their situation to become dreadful indeed.     Alone or grouped with a mentor: The last intensity of Rite of Maturity. A group of children is sent down and accompanied by veterans who ensure that the kids still get a valid lesson and face some challenges. But a vital part of facing death is missing because the veterans take care of anything the moment it becomes too dangerous.   Atocites utilizing this intensity are on the brink of extinction. In the dire event of losing the entire raid participating in the Rite of Maturity of this intensity, they are as good as dead, because that loss means losing the majority if not all of their Raiders, including the fresh generation. The only hope such Atocites have is if the next generation takes on and becomes strong enough to take care of their Atocite. Or by moving, migrating, and merging with another Atocite.  


The Raid during Rite of Maturity is free of any commissions and payments, resulting in young Raiders starting their life and career with as much wealth as they can gather during this first Raid of their life. Some are glad they got away with their life, while others made enough of a fortune to get themselves various equipment or even custom weapons.   Similarly, the crafting for aspiring Refiners is supplied by people and paid for by those who placed their trust in the children, those kids who can make good enough items in the one day the Rite of Maturity takes place, can make out wealth similar to that of very good Raiders.   No matter what intensity of the Rite the children went through, after surviving or proving they are good enough to take care of themselves while being a productive part of society, they are considered adults on the spot.


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