First Cut

The ritual of the First Cut demonstrates a prospective belters ability to work safely, and hopefully profitably, in the asteroid mining profession. As described here, it is how the ritual is performed in the Dalkit 422 System, although many other belters in other systems have a similar ritual or exhibition.    While the ritual is not necessary to perform or seek employment as a belter, it is a culmination of training and knowledge for generational belters and as such has a rich historical background on many family mining ships. Purely company trained and employed belters do not necessarily seek out taking the ritual, but some do in order to feel as more a part of the culture of the belt.


The new miner must dress themselves in their vacc suits or armor by themselves, as if they were the sole belter on a mission. They must then exit their ship, transit to an asteroid and using hand tools, simulating the days before modern tools were safe to use alone, and bring back at least ten kilograms of material to the ship, board their ship, and process the material. If they successfully complete all the tasks (including living through the experience!) they are considered to be belters and are able to wear the belters patch on their Stationwear .

Components and tools

Required components of this ritual are a space environment suit or armor, zero-g transport pack, hammer and chisel, knowledge of space operations and material processing.


The prospects families, teachers, and fellow belters may all be attendees although the ritual is intended to be an individual experience to demonstrate the skill and knowledge to operate as a belter.


The ritual is undertaken once a master belter has signed off that instruction is adequate, appropriate governmental and company (if needed) documentation is complete, and the prospective belter has declared their desire to perform it.


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