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Fer Forgé

Children of the most devout Iron Abbots are sometimes given away at birth to be raised for a chance to beome one of the revered Iron Forged Abbots. The life of these "aspirants", as they are called, is demanding and culminates at the age of 18 with the coming of age ritual, Fer Forgé.   The ritual is divided into three "testaments": the Testament of Obedience, the Testament of Servitude, and the Testament of Chastity. Those that survive, and complete, the ritual take their place among the ranks of the Iron Forged Abbots and become some of the most respected and revered worshipers of The Steward. Those that survive, but fail, are either allowed to continue serving the order in a different capacity or are excommunicated.


The Testament of Obedience

The Testament of Obedience is a month long ritual that is a demonstration of their devotion to their deity and the other Iron Abbots. Each day, the aspirant wakes up at sunrise, completes morning prayers, and has a light breakfast of fruit and bread. At midmorning, they find a scroll on the ceremonial altar. Written on the scroll is a task they must complete, without question or hesitation, before sunrise the next day.   Tasks are written by the worshipers who have dedicated themselves to raising the aspirants, the Iron Fists. It can be absolutely anything, but must follow three rules:
  • It must be completable by sunrise the next day.
  • It must not require the aspirant to kill themself.
  • It must never be spoken about for all time.

The Testament of Servitude

The Testament of Servitude can take many years to fulfill and is a exemplification of their duty to society. This part of the ritual is complete when they deal their first killing blow to one of the enemies of humanity, Mutants or Abyssal.

The Testament of Chastity

The Testament of Chastity lasts for no more than 24 hours and is a test of the strength of an aspirant's will and discipline. The life of an Iron Forged Abbot is puritanical, disciplined, and chaste. The order understands that a lifetime of devotion to these principles may be too difficult for weaker-willed individuals. Therefore, each must spend 24 hours with a Broo who has just completed their "first rut" and not become enchanted.

Tasks of the Testament of Obedience

When questioned, the Iron Abbots will say that they are simple actions designed to remind the aspirant of the path that they have been chosen for. However, stories claim the tasks range from cleansing the feet of beggars, to plowing a large field without oxen, to having sexual congress with pigs! Legend has it that that the most famous of the Iron Forged, Mael Reiss, was tasked with killing her lover, and that she was dead within the hour.

Trophies of the Testament of Servitude

It is not uncommon to see the trophy from this part of the ritual on an Iron Forged's body, clothes, or weapon. Most believe that it is a talisman, blessed by The Steward, with the capacity to protect them in battle.

Consequences of the Testament of Chastity

Of those that fail this part of the ritual, some emerge with a better understanding of themselves and an even stronger faith. These are allowed to remain in the order as Iron Fists. It is hoped that their knowledge and greater sense of self-awareness can be passed on to other generations of aspirants. Some become entranced by the Broo and wish to become a sex slave of the Grendels. They are excommunicated and allowed to leave the order in disgrace.

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