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The Night of Council

The Night of Council is a special night for Daemon, both young and old. This Night marks milestones for many, and it is celebrated through song, dance, and traditional artistic services and rites.


The Night of Council was originally established as the day in which soldiers would get their scarification marks, or To'kalum, labelling them as ready for action, back when the Great War was raging on. This scarification was placed on the chest and face, in order to make themselves appear far more intimidating than they naturally do.   As the war waged, and they got pushed further and further from their native homelands, the Daemon started to give scarification marks to those who tended to their native cultures, and kept them alive. At first, the timing for these scarification rituals were on-the-spot, but the descendent of the Great Zimraka suggested it be a day, so all of the Daemonic peoples can celebrate with one another as a collective.


In traditional Daemonic fashion, the Night of Council is hosted in the Pit of the Beast during the nighttime, as the cold nights offset the heat of the Caldera. Kalitokura, or ritual scarrers, surround the perimeter of the Caldera, as its warmth and elemental energies help scarification marks heal beautifully.   When the Lune is in the very center of the sky, the ceremonial horns are blown; this sound marks when the Kalitokura lead the newly-scarificated Daemon into the Caldera, and the island's Seers-- spiritual clairvoyants-- sing a hymn simultaneously.   The hymn echoes throughout the Pit of the Beast, and when the Seers sing the last note, the Daemon in the Caldera quickly dip their full bodies into the pool. It happens very quickly, as the Daemon leap [or fly] out of the pool as soon as the Caldera's heat starts gnawing away at their scalps.

Components and tools

The key items required for the Night of the Council are the Kalitokura [and their tools], the ritual horns, and the Seer's presence. Everything else brought to the Night of Council is standard affair for Daemonic ceremonies: drums, merchant stalls and their wares, and the Daemonic peoples themselves.


The key attendants of the Night of Council are those who have earned the right of scarification, either through intensive physical, mental, or spiritual training. This includes not only martial arts masters, but artisans, doctors, and even some teachers.   The other fairly important attendants are the Kalitokura and the Seers, both of which are only seen on these nights. The former may participate in other festivals, but as regular Daemonic citizens or artisans of their crafts.


The Night of Council happens every month at the same time, which is dictated by the New Lune. It is believed that, when Lune is out of vision, Zhulesha takes her place, and grants her blessing on those underneath her.
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