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War Sails

The call has gone out for those of us that have still unsailed and my pride has driven my hand. I will take to the sea and claim the future. Yet, a sense of worry pervades my being. For this sail no beast has risen for us to force back into the deep; instead, foreigners have taken respect and spurned it.   We will vanquish these terrors that ride the waves, force them back across the seas to their own lands and earn that future which is promised by the Roar.
— Izalan Diaries
  When a notable threat arises in their Islands, the Izalans strike out in their War Sails. These are groups of youth that act as a responsive militant force. A War Sail can only be called by members of the local government, but they can be for any significant threat to Izala's people or trade prospects. To this end; a war sail might be called in great numbers for a battle against a rising leviathan, or for an over-zealous group of pirates.  

Service Guarantees Citizenship

Being born in Izalan territory has no basis on your contribution to the future of the society, this is reflected by the fact that you are not considered an Izalan Citizen until you have participated in a War Sail. This ideal of contribution being directly tied to the assisting of the wider community is key to the ideals of Izala.   This promise is held to all of those that frequent the waters of Izala. Any who participate in a War Sail are granted citizenship.

Citizenship Guarantees Protection

War Sails are important to the citizenry of Izala and her territories as the War Sail is the promise of protection. Not by some standing fleet or army, but by the people that make up the future of Izala. Those who carry the ideals of protection and self-sacrifice are entrusted with the future, and those that have already proven their adherence to those ideals are valued and protected
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