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The natives of Esplorzeni, Exotic and Rarely seen off the isles.

Written by Pumpkinhead9092, Revised and Rewritten by Dejers!
Now, if you get the chance, I recommend hiring an Exotic to take you down on one of their Arrow Ships, if you can get on one that's been converted to carry an engine, then that's all the better. Finding yourself to be the fastest thing in the sea is one of the most exhilarating things that opportunity can allow.   No deep water beasties will come after ya, or catch you in one of those things. And if one does come up, then you might see a War Sail head out to hunt it. I've been trying to get on a War Sail for months, but apparently it's their coming of age. Like the second flood for a Longshoremen, it's their proving grounds. One of these days, I might just follow them in an airships, damn the squalls if I can get a good watch on whatever is happening in one of those!
— Travels of Zargbosh
  Due to the difficulty of navigating the flood ravaged waters, the Southern Islands of Esplorzeni are a mysterious and largely untapped resource. The only true Humans presence to be found in the area is the city of Izala and the people that are shielded by it's high walls.   The Izalans are widely believed to be the only ethnic group that wasn't slaughtered or trapped within the Dytikan Coast by Vhaskus's Troops, this has made their appearance on the mainland of Ithungsida a rarity. However, every human with any understanding of history has a deep respect for Izalans or anybody affiliated with the city.  

Ancient Heroes

  During many of the countless millenia preceding the landing of the Fourth Fleet, Izala was the the crown jewel of an Island empire that spanned the entirety of the southern chain of islands. Though their records show several attempts, they never got more than a foothold in places like the furthest reaches of the Southern Floodlands or the Sea of Hearts, every attempt was rebuffed by Orcish Troops.   It wasn't until the people of the Izalan Empire discovered that the entirety of humanity was being bred for slaughter on the Dytikan Coast that they began launching War Sail Groups to perform raids on the mainland. These raids continued for hundreds, if not thousands of years and helped to distribute Human groups across Ithungsida with enough knowledge to avoid Orcish Patrols.   While the Izalan Empire eventually fell sometime before the Landing of the Fourth Fleet; the memory remains on both sides. Stories are told about the Battle Sails fighting Walled Barges, Arrow Sails piercing the defenses of Castle Barges, or Blood Sails braving the YenWai and causing untold destruction.  
General Phenotypes
  Izalans hair is either light brown or a dark red, which is emphasized by their typically massive stature with average heights being between 17-21 hands tall. Their Eye color has no specific bias, with common colors including; light brown, green and blue.   When asked to describe an Izalan, the majority of mainlanders will describe a man as having heavily tanned skin, high cheekbones and bright white teeth. Other details vary wildly, but the base picture remains very much the same no matter the actual description necessary.  
  Izalans speak a rich creole of Common and Aquan that has long been a general language spoken across island communities even to the northern islands of Ithungsida, many accept this as being a result of the Izalan Empire's wide reach.   Despite this unique language situation, the vast majority of Izalans can speak common with ease, preferring to use it as the formal language for Business, Important Matters and anything that has to be written down due to the lack of aquan written word.

Coming of Age

While the Izalans celebrate many of the same Divinely ordained holidays as the rest of the world, nothing is more important to the Izalan culture than the traditional "Coming of Age" War Sail.   When a particularly notable beast rises from the deep and seeks to offend a party to which the Izalans have any positive relations with, those young Izalans that have yet to ride a War Sail set out to hunt it down. Upon their return, successful or not, those that participated are children no more. They are granted the rights of a full citizen of Izala and are then allowed to travel and choose apprenticeships. Those that do not return are offered up to MeyGana as proof of the communities commitment to protecting the sea.
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Where are these quotes from?

  The Travels of Zargbosh were written in direct response to the Travels of Ativah, claiming that Ativah focused too much on the splendor of the city and less on what to do as a traveler once you have actually arrived. As such, Zargbosh writes about the best views, food or whatever else he finds interesting about the various cities he visits.

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