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Dytikan Coast

Northern civilized coasts cultivated for millenia.

Looking for:   -Able Bodied Beings that can carry 80 pounds for long periods at a time   -Are not averse to rowing for hours on end   -Are content with potentially years-long voyages.     If you fit these requirements, we want you! Our ships have open positions for our Forkly-Moldatun routes as well as our Forkly-Eami routes. We generally have countless stops along the way, many of which are along the Dytikan Coast.
— Hiring Advert for Forkly.
  The Dytikan Coast, final cradle of mankind. Many theories abound as to the reasons Vhaskus never pushed his Orcish legions into the fertile coast and did away with mankind entirely, however few can be reconciled credibly. The prevailing wisdom holds that MerGus was held back by the other deities and was forced to prevent the absolute extinction of Man by his underling. Theories hold that this is due to a lingering sense of guilt that remained from the times of Iwa and the atrocity that occured in the human genocide of that land.   However, this topic of discussion is ephemeral and will likely remain a point of contention until there is no one left to discuss it. The Dytikan Coast itself is a northerly coast, with winters that range from mild to intense varying on the breath of the The Frost Giant of the North. The vast majority of the population of Ithungsida is known to live in this region. The coast transitions to the The Coast of Lights in the northwest, which has a drastic shift just far enough to be able to see consistent magical lights in the sky. In the dead of winter, the Dytikan coast also can see these lights.   The Dytikan Coast itself is covered in countless villages, both large and small, connected and ruled in the majority by the kingdom of KravMaw. Human and Dwarven populations are the highest as well as a fair amount of Elven and half-elven cultures that have threaded into the base identity of the area. The base culture is one of simplicity; many live long, happy and simple lives on the Dytikan coast. The region is divided into regions and duchies that are ruled by various levels of monarchy dominated by the Monarch of KravMaw.   In the Majority, the land on the Dytikan Coast is farmland, covered with livestock and wide swaths of grain that coat the wide expanses. With a large internal road system for the easy transit of army personnel, private and national. Commoners take little note of the constant flow of troops across the region to participate in infighting, bickering and mass power plays that are constantly occurring across the region.   It is a remarkable beautiful place to live with wide beaches, rowdy ports and wide expanses of rural life. Some might say that it’s inhabitants match the landscape. Beautiful cultures with simple people that make their lives out of what they have been provided.  


The Terrain of the Dytikan coast consists of a vast number of coves and archipelagos concealing ports illicit and legitimate. The rolling hills of the majority of the Coast is an often sought after landscape for portraits.  

Flora and Fauna

The Dytikan Coast has a vast majority of human settlements and population, many go their entire lives here without seeing magic or beings of another race. Even more go through their lives only having met dwarves. In some of these communities, it may be thought that other races are myths.

Natural Resources

The Dytikan Coast has a bevy of natural resources, with a vast amount of crops grown and large areas for domesticated animals. A number of mines and a wide amount of conflict adds a fair supply of natural minerals and mercenary groups.
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Dwarven Coast, Land of Barons
Coast / Shore
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  Hiring Advert for Forkly One of many adverts read aloud on the streets of Forkly in search of filling many empty ships in need of crew.

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