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Frost Shield

The Frozen Forests of Renai.

Gruel on the roads   Rice Gruel in the morn. Rice gruel in the Evening.   Eat it at dawn and eat it at dusk, flavor with caribou musk!   Gruel on the roads,   Rice Gruel through the woods, Rice Gruel over the ice.   Roast it over the fire and think of something nice.   Gruel on the Roads,   Rice Gruel to the cities, Rice Gruel to the bays.   Take it and sell it at the marketplace, see where it stays.
— Gruel, Rice Gruel
  From the northern foothills of the Feng Mountains, up the western side of the Draconic Range and spreading across the The Interior and to the The Coast of Lights is the mega-taiga of the Frost Shield. With massive trees, many as ancient as modern civilization, the spread of the Frost Shield is all-encompassing. Even deep in the coldest of the Interiors holds, roots hold onto the warmth of the earth belows.   The Frost Shield is almost as emblematic of Renai and the Draconic Duo of Brodray and Pursir are, with only those that live in Apal and Eske not necessarily having direct experience with the forest. The south of the Frost Shield holds the city of Toft which is labeled the “Heart of the Frost Shield” and sits on a division of where the final cool winds that freeze the interior, lose their bluster.   In the summers, this area warms, the breath of the The Fire Giant of the South as effective as the The Frost Giant of the North and all but the hardest patches of permafrost and the snow in the Draconic Range melts as the poor-draining soil of the region collects the excess water into bogs that threaten to swallow carriages, animals and people alike. Only those roads maintained by the Caelfoc Union are considered safe during these times, and due to this only a few crops manage to survive the frosts.   One thing that does grow well in the summers of the Frost Shield is a type of rice said to have been given to the ancient peoples of the land by Chando Meywa, the Distant Arctele, it grows well in the boggy environment of the summers and is considered the staple crop of the area. The one portion of infrastructure that holds up well in this area is lumber and construction.   With massive supply fields stretching through the forest, various companies within Renai stage massive die offs of trees that ready replanting seasons. With recent years, a greater degree of magic has been applied for aid in growing the trees faster and keeping saplings alive in the winters. Despite a wide lack of rain in the warmer months, the winter's bring snow and freeze the bogs into even thicker sheets of permafrost that are then buried in several feet of heavy snow cover.  


Located at the southern border is a taiga forest that stretches for thousands of square miles. Here, the influence of the Draconic Duo is lessened, and thus much of the area experiences a cool to warm summer for several months. Permafrost and boggy, poor-draining soil makes agriculture in this area difficult, however most of Renai's timber industry is located in this area. Bogs and waterlogged soil is common in this area despite the semi-arid conditions due to the lack of drainage. Despite the lack of rain, winter brings heavy snow, with snow cover being several feet deep in some areas.

Flora and Fauna

Many rural tribes of Icegut Halfling, Houndfolk and Humans are found sprinkled throughout the region. Surviving and subsisting on what most of them find a healthier lifestyle in comparison to the cities.  

Natural Resources

Timber from this Region is known to be of the highest quality outside of the rare crop pulled from the Forests of Uuku. And there are light exports of Cold Rice to collectors and people intrigued by the plant that doesn't grow in the warmer climates.
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Where are these quotes from?

  Gruel, Rice Gruel is part of a poem sourced out of Toft, that has many many verses recounting how Cold Rice is most often made into a gruel for consumption, for necessity over taste or pleasure.

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