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Feng Canyons

The carved canyons within the Mountains, Home of the DraKaise Stricken Battalion.

The winds came from the north and the south as the giants breathed out and their heralds did come. The mountains of the center of our lands were felled in a mighty swoop that crushed the shield of frost and blotted out the sun. The lights of the sky dimmed and the mountains were raised into the air and removed.   Left behind was only fields of dark ground that would, in time, grow trees and fields. The peoples on the mountains of the center were never heard from again.
— Loxodon Oral Histories
  Within the shielding that the Feng Mountains have been described as being, a massive divot has been lifted unnaturally from the landscape. From before the first days when Raknar Feng’s company surmounted the peaks of the Fengs and peered down into the open space below, the Canyon has been a strange mixture of settlements outside of the dominion of most countries. Countless small cities and kingdoms rise and fall with no real contribution or detraction from the outside.   Sometimes there is trade, but largely only with those associated with SosIwa. The nation of Dwarves watches all of this with interest, the isolated nature of the landscape having spawned many scholarly approaches to ideas of kingdoms and landscapes. The relative positioning makes it useless to any of the surrounding kingdoms, but even though it all technically resides within SosIwa’s lands, it just isn’t important enough to be bothered with.   Should those within the canyon grow to be too much a nuisance, SosIwa cracks down, often sending troops to enforce crippling levels of taxation until the dominating group crumbles to nothing once more. The region is largely devoid of many of the dangers found elsewhere on the continent due to the presence of The DraKaise Battalion in the center of the Canyon.   The mountain that holds the Battalion is known as the “Cradle of the DraKaise”, the place where demigods train and learn to wield powers far outside the capabilities of the modern man. Atop this mountain is the DraKaise Battalion Base Camp which is often sought after to trade with.   The origin of the canyon remains in heavy dispute as it doesn’t seem to follow normal rules for canyons and sustains agriculture to a greater degree than would otherwise be assumed. Goliath and Aarakocra oral traditions hold that the area was scooped out from the center of the Feng Mountains by a number of Gods working together to facilitate some unknown goal.  


A canyon covered in fertile valleys and rivers that flow from the feng mountains out towards the The Coast of Lights The Canyon is almost entirely surrounded by the Feng Mountains and there are few points within it that the peaks of the mountains can not be seen.

Flora and Fauna

Many normal animals and beasts dominate the landscape, yet few offer any great threat, those that do are often struck down immediately by squadrons from the Battalion.  

Natural Resources

The Canyon exports very little, but holds an important point in sustaining the ever-growing requirements of The DraKaise Battalion in people, food and funds that Remniscent Monarchy of SosIwa does not provide.
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Where are these quotes from?

  The Loxodon Oral Histories are collected from tribes of Loxodon in the Highlands that seek to catalogue much of the history of Ithungsida in their rhymes and songs. This one lacks the usual format of Loxodon histories, and is assumed to have been diluted by native Goliath and Aarakocra populations.

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