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The Pantheon

Beneath the Giants are the gods, those beings that have been uplifted and granted powers over the cosmos and the very fabrics of reality.

Written and Created by Dejers.

The Celestials Giants

To the north lies the blue glow, To the south waits the red burn; In between sits the world we know, Everything that can be discerned.
  The giants hold and watch over our lands Seeking answers with silent demands.
  In the north is the frost, In the south are the lost, In between is the snake; Where all is joined, And all will break.
— PravKun of the Celestial Temple

  The Celestial Giants are the defining structures that form the multiverse. With their very forms outlining the boundaries of existence and allowing travel between the countless realms. From all base understanding, the giants are the absolute upper limit of power in the multiverse. With power that dwarfs the gods of their creation, capable of creating, populating and destroying a plane within the time a thought takes to process.
  They are known to be the progenitors of all existence. From the very world of Arydia to the gods that rule over it. As such, their creations reflect their nature. With a duality of ice and fire visible in all of their creations.
  The very center of the structure of the giants and the multiverse is the world of Arydia. Where the gods, giants and all of the cosmos watch with interest the developments therein.

The Frost Giant of the North

Dominating the northern horizon is a bluish haze of constellations that, when known, can be easily picked out from the countless stars in the sky and are often used for sea navigation. A handful of weeks just before and after the The Winter Solstice, the Giant swells in power and majesty. Becoming visible and distinct across the landscape of Ithungsida.
  The northern Coast of Lights is sprinkled with countless Temple-Observatories that are flocked to during this. The most notable of these stand high above the city of Moldatun; countless visit the city for the sheer reason of ascending to have a glance at the full glory of the Northern Giant.

The Fire Giant of the South

Dominating the southern horizon, the reddish haze of constellations that make up the Southern Giant are faint and can be difficult to make out for the majority of the year. However, those days that mark the midst of summer, while the Southern Floodlands and Dragon's Thorn are rocked by the thrashing of the The Knotted Snake, the southern horizon alights with a blaze of light.
  Those that live in Izala and the southern islands of Islands of Esplorzeni are said to have their nights almost completely extinguished by this phenomenon. And it is said that the lands of Iwa had entire weeks that the sun never set.

-Divine Beings-

The Knotted Snake

  In power and status; below the giants, yet far more powerful than any of the gods. The Knotted Snake is an enigma that requires a category of it's own. Created by the giants, yet as much an adversary as a creation. The Knotted Snake has a presence not dissimilar to the giants, but made physical in a way the giants never have. Indeed, the equator of the planet is an endless ring of volcanic activity. Forming what was said to be an impermeable barrier before Ithungsida was locked away.
  Reflecting it's celestial origin and nature, the Temple-Observatories of the north have found a long ring of rock that circles Arydia in the void of space above. The Knotted Snake acts as the source of power for Demons, Devils and Aberrations alike. Below it are gods of it's own creation, weaker than those created by the Giants, yet still far more powerful than any mortal. Those of the Equatorial Ourobesis


Created by the Giants or the Knotted Snake, the gods represent the primal forces of the world as well as a set of Beliefs and Ideals. From the forces of the Sea to honor in battle to the purity of insignificance. Each of the beings are thought to have been taken from potential beings that the giants found favor with and brought into the celestial realms to be formed into the gods they are now.
  They are separated into three groups that are separated by their origins. From the Northern Coalition, to the Southern Phlogistadors, ending with the Equatorial Ourobesis.

Northern Coalition

The Northern giant has its coalition of gods, all female and associated with cold or the north in some fashion.

Firn; Chilled Halfling

Symbol Form
An igloo with fire within. A happy Halfling with a blade of ice.
Nature, Life, Knowledge, Protection

  Firn is the goddess of Nature, Life, Knowledge and Protection. She takes on a frosty exterior to represent the forces that drive people together and force them to build communities. Fear, anger, despair, and most importantly, hope. Home’s can’t exist without hope and heart. The harshness of the oncoming winter is merely a lense through which people can see the approaching spring.
  Firn is happily married to Garma, as such she holds a protection over the very bonds of Arydia. Be they between people, communities or even worlds. The overwhelming majority of these remain where Firn favors lie, in marriages, treaties and the forging of communities therein.

Chando-Meywa; Distant Arctele

Symbol Form
A cluster of stars. An Arctele clad in a metal suit for wandering the stars.
Arcana, Knowledge, Solidarity, Grave.

  Chando-Meywa is the Goddess of Arcana, Knowledge, Solidarity and Tempest. Her ancient form stands in contrast to some of the other gods, but with her age she holds in her mind countless secrets. From the most arcane understandings of mage and the universe to the very histories of the cosmos. She favors the exploration of the worlds and the pursuit of more knowledge.
  Some say that explorers in the furthest reaches of various planes have a chance of coming across her. If they do confront her, be it in the deepest layers of the underdark, or within massive halls of ancient civilizations, it is said that she grants the explorers knowledge of any event or topic they request and blesses them.

Karan; Spelunking Half-Elf

Symbol Form
A Total Eclipse. A green-clad Half-Elven Ranger.
Arcana, Knowledge, Nature, Trickery

  Karan is the Goddess of Arcana, Knowledge, Nature and Trickery. She is best known for traipsing through the various planes, delving deep into the various caves. Be it the lava carved tunnels of the plane of fire, the extensive mines that dot the plane of earth, or just the Underdark itself. She values the treasures that can be found deep in the dark, and those who seek them out.
  She also has a hatred of those that would hoard knowledge and refuse it’s spread to others. So, she has a soft spot for thieves and burglars, those that would reach in and take the secrets and strange-ities of the universe from areas they have been held for too long. On the other hand, she hates those that use knowledge or the restriction of knowledge to control. Blackmail is one of her most hated actions.

MeyGana; Roar of the Sea

Symbol Form
A Ship's Sail Struck by Lightning. A Human that flows like the sea.
Ambition, Protection, Tempest, War.

  Meygana is the goddess of Ambition, Protection, Tempest and War. Meygana is often portrayed in a suit of armor that crackles with electricity. She is often noted as the guardian of ships, and is primarily worshiped by travelers, such as sailors. However, all merchants give offerings of some fashion to the goddess, her values reflect the up and comer, seeking out fortune in taking the harder route and aiming for great heights.
  Those commanders and leaders of groups that head into battle to seek out great tales told of them also fall under her domain. The very tides of Battle remain under her control, with the various waves of mortal lives providing the blood. She stands over every battlefield, every storm and every traveller.

The Raven; Courier of Souls

Symbol Form
A Raven bust with obsidian eyes. A Mourning Human Noblewoman
Ambition, Death, Grave, Order.

  The Raven Queen is the goddess of Ambition, Death, Grave and Order. Deep within the Shadowfell, She rules supreme with her Shadar-kai by her side. She surged up from the darkness against Armide, previous ruler of the Shadowfell and took his place after slaying him. Upon his ruins, she built her empire. She is the goddess of Death and the direct transit of the soul to the afterlife.
  Undead are an abomination to her, and those that try to escape death in unnatural ways are an offense to her very being. Groups of Shadar-kai are known to traverse the world of Arydia seeking out and destroying the undead. Those that follow her tenets are found to be under her protection. Some going as far to refusing attempts at reviving them as that would delay their reunion with the queen of the Shadowfell.

Plospryn; Thaw of Spring

Symbol Form
A staff with a flower atop it. A Firbolg Bard with a smile like daylight.
Ambition, Life, Light, Nature

  Plospryn is the Goddess of Ambition, Life, Light and Nature. Plospryn is known to be deeply compassionate and nurturing, depictions of her constantly reflecting her aims and passion as she looks after all living things and delights in the natural beauty of the world. She abhors blight and disease, yet has nothing but pity for those afflicted. She is always ready to help nurse what is sick back to health, whether through time or magic. She does not take kindly to those beings that would exploit the natural bounty of the world, or those who abuse good-natured souls.
  Her charm is said to be legendary, those in her presence having a clouded mind and finding any thoughts of argument or dispute impossible to retain. She has no compunction in toying with those enraptured by her charm, and is just as likely to teach one a humbling lesson, or to rip a being to pieces if they are not worth her effort. While the cold earth hides from her the plentiful life of the earth, Plospryn understands the balance of the world and waits contentedly for spring. For those times when she can walk barefoot upon the earth, pluck a new wooden staff from the sturdy saplings of yesteryear and spread just a bit more vibrancy into the world.


Southern Phlogistadors

The Southern giant has it’s gods, all male and associated with fire or light in some fashion.

Rahz-Pluoht; Fiery Blade

Symbol Form
A long sword engulfed in a massive wreath of flames. A Half-Orc clad in armor.
Forge, Life, Strength, War

  Rahz-Pluoht is the god of the Forge, Life, Strength and War. Often depicted wielding a massive flaming greataxe, he is the embodiment of battle. However, he is also the sense of honor and courage, he represents the heat of battle, the honor of a warrior’s death, but also the capacity to stand and face situations with courage.
  Those that face the known and unknown with courage and valor are those he supports the most. The warriors surging forward under the orders of their superiors or the search of a better future. He favors revolution, change, disorder and the living of a life to the fullest.

Garma; Halfing of the Hearth

Symbol Form
A roaring fireplace, with a pot visible within. A Halfling Chef, wielding a food-filled pan..
Life, Forge, Knowledge, Protection

  Garma is the god of Life, the Forge, Knowledge and Protection. While he favors the north, he brings with him the essence of home, the very hearth is his symbol, representing the buildings that house his followers and all those that come together. His knowledge is specialized but broad, he supports experimentation and cooking to bring together new tastes and to give cause for the gathering of the nightly meal.
  He is married to Firn, and as such, watches over the signing of treaties, banquets, and helps to nullify poisonings. His most beloved followers are chefs of the domestic variety, those that create great meals in the safety of their own homes for their families. He hates those that spoil meals and poison those at banquets.

Rogalev; Human Adventurer

Symbol Form
A single lit torch with sparks visible in the distance.. A Human explorer, setting out for the unknown.
City, Forge, Knowledge, Order

  Rogalev is the God of Cities, the Forge, Knowledge and the maintaining of Order. While his followers number in all that live in urban environments, he has a special focus for those on the frontier. The Spreading edge of civilization, those that live in the least hospitable places and form them for the cities to follow. He loves adventurers and blesses the flames of the lone fires deep in the wilderness.
  He also finds favor with those who maintain order within cities and civilization itself. Order of any fashion, from the guards and the government, to the artisans and the criminals. The variety of the city is upheld by all working in synchronous. Any group stepping too far out of line brings about the fall of civilization. People who attempt to abuse positions and upset the balance earn the ire of Rogalev.

MasToch; Dwarven Flame

Symbol Form
A raging bonfire with visible silhouettes. An elderly Dwarf surrounded by his progeny.
Ambition, Forge, Light, Order

  MasToch is the god of Ambition, the Forge, Light and Order. Mastoch is the patron god of the dwarves, he finds good in all their works and represents the honor bound society dwarves maintain. He encourages intelligence and pride in one’s work as well as the capacity for celebration.
  The Bonfire is his altar, his holy days surround the harvest. While he favors dwarves, any who stand their morals in a sense not dissimilar from his own he favors them as well.

Armide; Sun Spider

Symbol Form
The first rays of a sunrise rising over the horizon. An elderly Human with scars and closed eyes.
Arcana, Death, Life, Nature

  Armide is the god of Arcana, Death, Life and Nature. Armide holds the secrets of nature in his grip. His essence spreads bugs and pestilence across the land to maintain the needed order of decay to allow new growth. His views on death equal its necessity, and his thoughts on the undead are inconsequential. Followers of Armide often have those seeking after the secrets of death and bending the undeath of the world to their wills.
  At the same time, he holds the natural world to the highest standard. Seeking out the most steadfast environments and seeking to allow it release. Age is a number, release is natural. Areas that defile this may find them under attack by pestilence and disease for defiling the natural order.

Hextank; Ascendant

Symbol Form
An explosion emanating from the barrel of a gun. An Araetulean Tank, forged from metal.
City, Forge, Protection, War

  HexTank is the god of the City, the Forge, Protection and War. This god is the newest addition to the pantheon, having ascended within the past millennia. The form and shape of this being change, but remains made of metal and seems to be a being of unusual shape that traverses landscapes and destroys all in it’s path. Those that siege cities and bring war to innocent areas have been known to hear the menacing grinding of gears that accompany him.
  Many of his followers include Warforged and other constructs. They hold his being as high as some hold Primus, an extremely powerful being that oversees the plane of Mechanus. Most of the writs concerning him are in flux, with new priests constantly finding inspiration in the change and the tales of this new being.

-Equatorial Ourobesis-

Headed by the The Knotted Snake, this is a much smaller group that seems to preside over the monsters and evils of the world.

MerGus; lost thoughts

Symbol Form
An Orcish Skull with massive tusks tinged in blood. An Orcish Brute wielding a weapon made from broken bones.
War, Ambition, Death, Grave

  MerGus is the god of War, Ambition, Death and the Grave. His form shifts and changes, from a massive beast with wings of a dragon and a frothing mouth to an orcish warrior wielding massive weapons made of finely ground and pieced together skeletons. Whatever his form, it is designed to cause those who gaze upon it to know fear. Fear drives the masses, the world spins and changes with Fear driving the currents of civilization.
  He is known as the crippler of Civilization and the remover of memories. He was the first deity created by the Knotted Snake and is noted as the most powerful of the Snake’s emissaries. He is often in conflict with the Coalition and Phlogistadors. Community is temporary, life is brief, gluttony is the method to forget the past.

Mirkfu; press of eternity

Symbol Form
A massive grandfather clock, wrapped in heavy chains.
An ancient white-haired Elven Wizard with a bleak expression.
Arcana, Ambition, Trickery, Grave

  Mirkfu is elven in nature. A creature who sought the secrets of time and space. Once a follower of Chando-Meywa. When he reached out to the gods for power, he was rebuked for seeking this information. But when he reached out to the Knotted Snake, he found a welcome berth. A place where his lust for power was sated.
  He never found the secrets to removing time from the picture and has divined that time in it’s essence is a cage with bars that can only slightly be bent. When he found the rules of time were too harsh to be broken entirely, he cried out to the giants. Yet, there was no answer. So, he cried out to the Knotted Snake. And with that, he was raised to a point just below the snake as a deity. He does not show himself to his followers, and in truth, scorns them. The life as a deity has revealed to him his own insignificance in the ways of the world and he reflects this to those who call on his name.
  Nothing Matters, you will never be more than a blip on a stage that is so miniscule that in just years you will be forgotten.

Darchada; Uncontrolled Spread

Symbol Form
A patch of expanding mold, covering a map of Ithungsida. A Myconid Empress who's form has been sculpted into a Human Form.
Knowledge, City, Nature, Life.

  Darchada is the goddess of Knowledge, City, Nature and Life. Her form is of a myconid, a fungal creature shaped into a false approximation of a humanoid. It grows and diminishes in size, but retains this form in all representations of itself. It speaks rarely, and when it does it has no languages. Instead forming words inside the head of the one it speaks with.
  Those that encounter Darchada are changed permanently, strange concepts and ideas rooted into their minds that spread slowly. Devious in nature, Darchada is not quick to find her way to the future. All that matters is the slow encroachment. Burning back the mold does nothing, as soon as you leave the door open, it will return. It takes no planning and is entirely mindless in it’s spread. The future has no secrets to hide, no civilization to rival the spread of nature and life.
  Darchada is said to travel among the planes, material and not, dispersing the seeds of her young in every area. Along with that which can help it to grow. Creatures to guard and protect the fungus, or to clear ways for it by carving through flesh.
List of The Gods
  • MerGus
  • Mirkfu
  • Darchada

  • Which God should you follow?
    A quiz has been developed to aid you in seeing which god your beliefs and thoughts align with to the greatest extent!
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