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Garma, the Halfing of the Hearth

God of the hearth, the nightly meal, and oils, counterpart God of life. Husband of Firn.

The warmth of the hearth soothes both bones and souls. The smell of fresh food brings the closeness of friends and the safety of home. The heat of the meal fills stomachs and satiates the most. The memories of banquets prepared by caring hands brings community together that can face future foes.
    In every home, city and hearth; the essence of Garma can be found centered around the domains of his greatest followers. These are the devout clerics that wield their ladles against the ever-approaching forces of hunger and distress, pouring their energy and soul into providing the meals that Garma favors so heavily. Of @Pantheon, the worship of Garma is generally thought to be the most relaxed and non-invasive of the various methods of worship and obeisance.     After all, he doesn’t ask for a sacrifice during the meal, or a compulsion to do any great or terrible things. Instead, he asks for those that he considers to be of his flock to gather for their nightly meals under the house of a follower and take the blessings that he offers. This message reaches out to his clerics and priests as well, those that are granted his powers are not the most devout or intense, rather, they are often those that have held his statutes for long periods of time and have became perfectly oriented to carry the messages of Garma and act according to his will.     As the god of cooking and knowledge, Garma encourages experimentation. New meals, new recipes, new understandings of how the world interacts with itself under the careful direction of the righteous and careful. Some of the greatest accolades awarded to followers of Garma are the discoveries of new recipes or ways of creating food in new and distinct manners.     From cooking directly with fire to attribute flavors that might be lost otherwise, to learning to brine like the ocean and entrap portions of a meal that have never seen the light of day; countless records are filled with the creations and expertise of the chefs of Garma. However, this leads many to believe that Garma has no interests beyond the knowledge of cooking.     However the followers of Garma make massive use of the various information trading services that criss-cross Ithungsida; with recipes, ingredient details and new methods of cooking finding their ways across the continent at speeds that astonish many; a recipe debuted in Aegis might be in Kannak in a week and a standard dish in Moldatun within the year.     With his marriage to Fine, they share their governance of the signing of treaties, the maintaining of peace and the support of communities outside of the reach of the hearth. On his own; he often shows signs at banquets that hold to his tenets and helps to alert his followers of poisonings that may be lost in the confusion of such extravagant affairs.  


The Followers of Garma tend to align themselves as communities centered around the consumption of food and the celebration of life. They have grand meals and feasts for the sole purpose of having the meals, they bring food to those that need it and see that the bringing together of peoples often solves issues by forcing some level of communication.   The Followers of Garma are an odd bunch, as they have no sort of central organizations. Rather, they have large groups or loose coalitions that accept most, but respect merit over other accolades. The primary purpose of these organizations are most commonly for the trade of information and/or harder to obtain ingredients for cooking special dishes.


Those who follow the tenets of Garma are varied in origin and culture, but they are bound together by the love of cooking and community. This does mean that there is a great amount of overlap between Firn and Garma, but they also have their own branches of following that don't necessarily intermingle.   Garma has a greater following within cities, where ingredients are easily procured and new communities form with ease. The followers of Garma can usually be picked out from their smiles and assortments of cooking gear, however, beyond that, his followers have no distinct markings.

Mortal Representation

  A heavy-set Halfling with large red cheeks and smiling eyes, he bears a ladle in one hand and a pot filled with broth at his side. All depictions of him appear to be happy and focused on his work.

Divine Symbol

  Garma is most often represented by a pot with a ladle sticking out of it. This varies in it's depiction, from being stuffed to overfilling, to having steam rising from the top. Even the nature of the pot tends to change, with metals being more common in KravMaw and Pottery being more common in Renai.
A pinch of salt, a lick of intuition, a spot of malt and a heart that is smitten for the people that have need of the food one can provide. Know and trust that Garma will provide, he provides what we need and helps us to survive.
— Priest of Garma.


Garma favors all of his Followers, as well as those that may not specifically follow him. Any who partake in the meals under his banners, that see the hearth as a place of rest and celebration are free to be aligned with his domains and use the power he would grant them. To aid them in their cooking and providing of meals.  
Life, Forge, Knowledge, Protection
    Garma's Thoughts of Other Deities
Firn, the Chilled Halfling: Firn is the love of his immortal life. The community he helps to forge, the cool of winter he works to compliments. The safety in numbers and the hopes and maintenance of bonds.   Chando Meywa, the Distant Locus : Chando is the explorer, for the sake of finding and spreading information. This seeking is intriguing to Garma, but not something he would attempt to do on his own. Quite outside of his wheelhouse. Instead, he prepares meals that will last a fair amount of time for her to keep her well on her travels. The mind is far more important a thing to keep healthy for any god, and community is one of the best ways to help assuage deficiencies there.   Karan, the Spelunking Half-Elf Karan is the Adventurer over Chando’s explorations. She wouldn’t accept a meal even if Garma provided the highest of quality rations, instead she likes to find and cook her own meals. Garma provides tips and tricks for the ready preparation of various types of food to aid in her culinary exploits, and sometimes she brings back some rare type of beast or plant for him to experiment with.   MeyGana, Roar of the Sea The ships and confirmation of the travel, the storms and break of water over the shores. MeyGana has her domain and knows it well, she even responds a fair amount when Garma invites her to his nightly dinners. Garma bears no ill-will towards her.   The Raven Queen The Queen is a striking figure, carrying herself with no visible need for support from the wider community. Garma invites her nonetheless, all need the aid of their community to some extent, even if they don’t recognize it themselves. A good meal can set anyone’s mind at ease.   Plospryn, The Thaw of Spring: Plospryn for one, does not need her mind set at ease. No, she is one who needs to help her community over being aided in specific. She loves to attend the meals, and to speak until the drinks run dry and whoever was listening to her has left. A kind hearted soul and a being who brings a great amount of vibrancy to any area she inhabits. It’s hard to not be in a fair mood around her.
Rahz-Pluoht, The Fiery Blade: Firn views Rahz-Pluoht as misguided. However, she understands that he finds community with the warriors and home on the battlefield.   Garma, the Halfing of the Hearth: Firn is married to Garma and believes they are the most like minded of the deities. Dinner and meals are the very crux of community and home.   Rogalev, the Human Adventurer: Rogalev maintains countless communities, much like MeyGana does. Firn dislikes his cool methodical approach Rogalev takes to his communities, and would prefer he treat his cities like a home rather than a scale.Rahz-Pluoht, The Fiery Blade: Rahz is a man of good meat that still has the hints of blood running out. He favors the strongest drinks and loves any excuse to celebrate. Garma has no problems with this, and merely aims to help in the facilitation of his celebrations. To some extent by the setting of meetings between him and MasToch.   Rogalev, the Human Adventurer Rogalev has community and home, his cities develop culture and new types of cooking not seen to any as of yet. Yet, there is a coldness to his cities, even filled to the brim with such vibrant cultures and people. He supports those that leave and those that build anew, but his reasons… Again, cold. Garma would love to warm that coldness with his hearth, but doesn’t quite know if it’s possible.   MasToch, the Dwarven Flame The Man of true celebrations. He took the dwarves from a small nation state in Iwa to a much larger state with true culture permeating their lives. To a spread of dominance that has taken root to quite a degree in Ithungsida. From their swell cooking to their strong traditions and the constant happiness involved with celebrations, there is little for Garma to dislike.   Armide, the Sun Spider Armide was a strong man, one of the strongest perhaps. He picked of a seed he perhaps should not have, and prepared it wrongly before eating it. As such, he took a blade to the heart and fell. Now he has returned, but the light has not. He is not yet himself, but he stays so far from the community that helping him is almost impossible.   Hextank, Ascendant Comradery and happiness, yet a constant alertness and guard for his surroundings and people. The metal group has a secrecy to them, but they, or he, have that right concerning their origins. They are receptive to the world and situation they now find themselves in, but still remain reticent and refuse to fully commit to the fact that they are now deified. In time, he will learn to accept the changes, or perhaps, he will not. It is hard to tell such things when Garma has yet to see their face...


Garma has many favored days across the spread of the year. However, two he favors the most are: The Winter Solstice and The Autumn Feast   The Winter Solstice: The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year, the day when the Celestial Giant of Frost looks the closest upon the world as it is gripped by winter. Generally the oldest animal fit for consumption is slaughtered and served to the family or community, varying by the size and placement of the area.   The Autumn Feast: As the final crops are harvested, the people gather for the Autumn feast a massive celebration of Firn, Garma and a year of solid work. The day culminates in a massive feast and party where everything is eaten and anything that can be dunked in oil, generally is fried to varying levels of perfection and ate with gusto.


Family Ties

Garma is married to Firn, the Chilled Halfling.


Garma, the Halfing of the Hearth

Husband (Vital)

Towards Firn, the Chilled Halfling



Firn, the Chilled Halfling

Firn (Vital)

Towards Garma, the Halfing of the Hearth




Since before the sealing of the third world with the knotting of the snake, Firn and Garma have been wed. Their relationship could easily be called timeless.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

Garma and Firn are said to have grown closer to one another over the countless millennia, as such, their interests easily complement one another. From the winter, to the fire in the hearth. From community to supper around the dining table.

Theme Song
Divine Classification
Neutral Good
Light brown, unyielding
Dark red/burgundy locks.

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