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The Winter Solstice

Celebration of perseverance and the power of community.

Written by Dejers

The Sun rises later and later, with it disappearing with it's warm light ever sooner every night. The nights grow colder, the days starker. The world feels as though it is brought to a standstill by the frost. The Northern Giant looks over the world as it wields the power contained within it at the fullest potential. A specific animal, usually chosen after The First Snow, is slaughtered at sunrise on this, the shortest day of the year.   Then the community comes together for a massive feast to remember that the winter does not control them. As a community, they can push through anything!


This holiday has remained as a relative constant in celebration and representation since before the Landing of the Fourth Fleet of Iwa.


Other than the execution and rapid cooking to finish it before sunset, the execution is rather like other feasts.


This celebration occurs on the Winter Solstice.

Gods Associated or in direct support of this holiday include:   Firn, the Chilled Halfling

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