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Small, capable, lucky humanoids blessed by the gods!

Uniting the lands. Bringing together the tribes of Man. Letting the world know who we are. Storming the north and fanning the flames of war.   Hongden led the conquest himself, driving the troops ahead as we cleansed the Plains and found the lands whole and welcoming outside of the Coast. Yet the howls were our doom. When the beats of dragons approached, and the howls of wolves dominated the landscape. Their riders forming a blockade and backed by an immense power.   We could not cross the river.   The Halflings of Renai would not join ForkMaw today, perhaps they never would.   Now we march for the south, with our hearts in the sky and our blades yearning for the blood of orcs!
— Recounting the Uniting Crusade.
  Diminutive, Small, Sheltered; all words that can be used to describe the Halflings of Ithungsida. And at one point, perhaps in the time of Iwa, this might have been true.   However, as the ruling class of Renai Halflings make up some of the most important groups on the continent. With members in the Draconic Councils, the Renai Revenge Court being largely Halfling, and being favored by the Halfling gods Firn, the Chilled Halfling and Garma, the Halfing of the Hearth as well as being favored and led by the Draconic Duo of Brodray Champion of Garma” and Pursir Faithful of Firn”.   Better words to describe them might be; Protected, Respected and Brave. Because they are. They hold vast amounts of material wealth from mines in the Draconic Range and gems picked from the The Coast of Lights, as well as maintaining the largest trade based economy on the continent. Their massive cities import food from nearly every major portion of the world, and export vast amounts of entertainment and information along with raw materials.  

Small People

Halflings are Minute. Smaller than most other races and slower by virtue of their size, however, they are also capable of making their way into smaller spaces, fitting more people and resources into smaller places and making due with less resources. Not that all of them make this a habit, obviously preferring the life of simple luxury and not having a want in the world.

Lucky People

They are lucky. Time and time again; disasters have been averted, impossible things seen, and frantic situations escaped. In a strangely high percentage of these situations, a halfling was involved. This has lead them to be adopted as good luck charms, often said to also be favored by Chando Meywa and made lucky by virtue of the fates themselves bending for them.

Halfling Organizations

Halflings are most commonly found in the northern kingdom of Renai. While the kingdom was founded by Dragons, it was founded for Halflings. Halflings make up large portions of the Government, as well as owning large quantities of the material wealth of the country.
Caelfoc Union
The Caelfoc Union is a Halfling-founded and ran organization that clears and keeps the roads of Renai alive and clear. They make use of their small size to travel distances quickly on wolf-back and to avoid the notice of predators. While it is not a halfling-only organization, it is sometimes thought of as such.
Genetic Descendants
200-400 years.
Average Height
2-3 feet tall.
Average Weight
30-50 pounds.

Where are these quotes from?

  Recounting the Uniting Crusade. is an ancient collection of war journals written by members of the Fledgling ForkMaw as Hongden conquered the landscapes of Ithungsida.

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