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Draconic Councils

Written by Dejers.
In the forgotten past, before the now that is and after the was that could have been, twin souls did return to the lands of sin.
  Looking over forests trodden to the sand. Seeing what had become of this once great land. Fire, pain, torment and gore covering this continent with horror. It had to be stopped. Blood, fire end. Bring that which could. Perhaps again?
  The mounts of the land. Iron rods three. One to the desert. All to the seas. Forge into yokes and girdles of steel. Bring the lands those who could not yield. Taking the souls of those they could, amending the lands and bringing about good.
  The Allseeing eye gazed icey north. Those acid lords found the desert. Adored. And of the east, our flooded lands. The Blue Monarch found his reflection to be grand. The Councils separated. Borders and chains were laid. The monarchs of the day reigned.
  Now in the now that is. The lands under their grasp. Away from them, mortals have stol’n their destinies. Watching from afar and gazing elsewhere. The monarchs and council, the futures despair.
— Elven Oral Histories of the Draconic Council

  In the mortal spectrum of the word, the Renai Revenge Court holds the highest form of law in the land. Striking out at injustices and actions it has deemed irresponsible and illegal. Even though these laws can be applied to even the highest of authorities due to the power backing the Court, for most purposes, the Court focuses on Mortal and mortal-adjacent affairs. The Draconic Councils manage most other things.
  Second only to the march of the gods themselves, the Draconic Councils are the ultimate power in Ithungsida. Ignoring borders of nations and boundaries assigned by mortals, they rule quietly. Carefully watching the world and extinguishing things that could bring them pain or needless work.
  These councils are separated into three regions with their own focuses and understandings of the rule, however they all kneel to the draconic duo that rules Renai.

The Draconic Range

Ruled over by the Draconic council. Headed by Ademal, a mad beholder who is subject only to the whims of the Draconic Duo.

The Forkmaw Range

Ruled over by Theln Jurieous. A blue dragon enamored with his own reflection. He often demands tribute from the artists of the surrounding lands in payment of art depicting him and icons of his rule.

Mountains of Vhaskus

Ruled over by the Monarchs of the Dragon's Thorn; Janetha and Dimi. Two ancient black dragons who rule with ruthless wit and power. During the floods of the Dragon’s thorn, they are said to call out to the boiling sands as countless creatures race for safety. “Light up the forge!”

  Within these areas, extremely powerful and dangerous creatures hold meetings about their activities and keep the majority of their hands out of the honey bucket that is the Mortal World. Many in these councils have sought to refocus their efforts to the vast planes surrounding the land of Ithungsida. Taking a proactive effort to stall or stymie threats that they notice in time.


For as long as the Councils have existed, the structure has stayed somewhat constant. A maintenance of checks and balances mixed with an extended amount of autonomy for each separate council. The structure consists of Overseers; the rulers of the councils. The Whips; those separate from the council but who communicate between all of them. And the Councils themselves which are their own almost separate entities.  


Brodray Champion of Garma” and Pursir Faithful of Firn” are overseers of the Councils, performing audits on all of the councils and their activities at will.  


GorgeFoder and Xanthuss are the Whips of the council, They keep track of issues that have been passed and discussed. The total votes incurred and the inner politics of each council. In this manner, they report to the Overseers any potential issues they come across, while maintaining good terms with the leaders of each council.  

Council Leaders

There are Various Creatures that have been put in charge of the three councils, whether through appointment or some type of election is unknown. However, they include.  

Theln Jurieous.

Theln Jurieous is known for loving art. And he views the land he rules over as art. He holds the largest divot of Ithungsida as his own and often interjects in the matters of mortal rule to offer unsolicited opinions and advice.

Ademal the Allseeing.

An ancient and powerful beholder that has ruled the Draconic Range since the building of the first Moldatun. He keeps the frozen lands of Renai neat and orderly for the Draconic Duo to gaze upon. However, he strictly avoids mortal topics and considerations, preferring to leave those to the management of the Renai Revenge Court and Caelfoc Union.   When he finds himself free time, he often seeks out odd information on topics as obscure and varied as the intricate mating patterns of Frost Giants to the shifting economies of goblin tribes in the Mesa.

Dimitris and Janet.

Ancient Black Dragons as old as the Forests of Uuku and as cunning as the gods. They rule the Mountains of Vhaskus and the Dragon's Thorn, keeping order in the chaotic environments with harsh punishments and strict laws.   Any who trespass on the established order are culled, however, those that are obedient or found worthy are often showered in grand rewards.

Public Agenda

The Public Agenda of the councils has varied wildly over it’s many years of existence. Before the landing of the Fourth Fleet of Iwa, the majority of records indicate that they were content with tribute and doing nothing. However, with the return of Brodray and Pursir, the councils were kicked back into action, keeping an eye on the many realms once more and watching for potentially errant behaviors.   The overall publicly stated goal of the modern council is to prevent another Araetule and to quell major issues before the gods can decide to march upon the mortal realm. In this manner, many council members have embedded themselves nearer to governments and are watching for warning signs of people with too much power and too lofty goals. A funeral march can never happen on Ithungsida again.


The Draconic Councils have vast hordes of items and treasures built up over the years.


The Draconic Councils have aided in a number of various struggles. Including lackluster participation in the Funeral March of The Technologically Gifted of Araetule.   Most recently, the Draconic Councils aided in the capture of Vhaskus and the persecution of The Lichdom.

Ithungsida is the cradle forged of the giants hands, bow to the authority mustered therein.

Founding Date
Political, Confederation
Alternative Names
The Hidden Gods, the Dragon's Quota, the Ruiners of Civilization.
Subsidiary Organizations


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