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Forests of Uuku

Magical Elf-Filled forests that are almost related closer to the Feywild than Ithungsida.

We came from the FeyWild, where our ancestors had stayed since the fall of the second world. Then the gods twisted and changed us to fit the forms they saw best, finding the strangeities inherent to our bodies and accentuating them to wings and gills. Then they left us, here on the landscapes they provided.   To be caretakers and wise ones of Arydia. Yet we were not spoken to according to the advancement of man and his allies. Enemies all, they stormed our shores and made our home theirs. They spread over the lands faster than the eye can track, seeking out where the gods had sent each of our forms to live; from the darkest of the watery depths to the highest peaks.   And what could we do but what we had always done? We remained the wise ones and caretakers, invested in our lands and handing all others to those that would share our lands with us.
— Elven Writings
  Elf-Infested from before Man laid his claim to the continent of Ithungsida, the forests of the Elven Collective of Uuku are the final landscapes that have known Elves since time immemorial. According to elven myths, legends and sparsely recorded histories that bear little difference from the former; the ancient trees of the forests were the first things seeded by the giants and their Gods, the trees grew until they were tall and then the elves settled them all.   The roots of this mega-forest spread from the furthest reaches of the northern Frost Shield through the Middling Plains down into the once fertile lands of the Southern Desert, it is said that they encompassed all land that would bear the weight of the trees, and even those that would not. There are tales of tree systems that grew like bridges and built pathways to islands that connected the landscape like no system before or since has.   The decay of this miraculous mega-forest is put at the feet of man, and written in the paths that he trod through the landscapes once he arrived on the landscapes that were once forest. Though the various histories wildly disagree with one another on where the abscess that is man truly reared its head from, they agree that the arrival of Man changed everything. For he carved himself homes in the woods, then cleared them to grow food, then fled as they burned under the torches of the Orcs that had followed him to their paradise.   The two races feuded and tore the landscapes apart. Man fleeing and carving the forests ahead of him, building walls and ripping the flesh of the ground to be of use before it is all destroyed under the weight of orcish armies in constant pursuit. In this manner, the elves fell back, slowly giving land and choosing not to involve themselves until their core forests grew to be under threat. As the world outside raged with the various wars of man and orc, the elves warded their forests and declared it their own. Integrating their society into keeping it safe and helping it to grow.   However, these are mere tales, the truth of the matter that is known is that the forests are south of the Middling Jungles though they can be thought of as connected or even one and the same. The Forests themselves are filled to the brim with magic of millennia that elves have wrought and changed the very natures of the trees and plants within.   Cities grown from the roots of the forest, secrets buried away, and tales of the purest of ancient lakes and rivers hidden away in the lands of the forests. The forests of Uuku are nearly alien to the rest of the continent. With strange magics running wild and those warped by the magic claiming it as their homes. The majority of the population in this region is said to be elvish, and the highest amount of elves are definitely found here; but the secrets of the forests are thick and hard to unravel.  


120 million acres of forest spread across the Forkmaw Range and down to the Southern Floodlands and the southern coast. This area has a number of heavy swamp areas where the forests have been maintained in areas that are ravaged by the yearly floods.   The majority of the forest is dense to the point of it being difficult to navigate for most people. While it is inhabited by a wide array of creatures that navigate it with ease and find humanoids to be interesting snacks.

Flora and Fauna

While sometimes the Halfling rule of Devout Monarchy of Renai is exaggerated to be an extreme point of racism, the forests of Uuku bring institutional racism to the forefront. Elves are the only accepted inhabitants of most cities and travelers are looked down on with disdain in all cities outside of Aegis. While elves live across Ithungsida, the greatest population reside in the forests of Uuku.

Natural Resources

The Elves participate in careful pruning of their forests, which are then either turned into weapons, magical implements and sold or are sold in bulk to interested areas. Due to this, the overall export of lumber is fairly low, but still significant.   However, this is made up for in the vast export of fruits and other plants from Uuku.
Forest, Cloud / Water (Subtropical)
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Where are these quotes from?

  Elven Writings borrowed from the halls of Uuku and transcribed under careful watch and care. Many of these focus on elven superiority and boons, but some, like these, carry glimmers of truth within the pages. They must only be sought out.

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