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Alma Bay

The inner coast of Forkden alive with pirates, sahuagin and triton!

Times are a'changing. The landscapes of yesteryear the same as they ever have been and the maws of the Sahuagin are as bloody as ever. And we are still here, carrying out patrols like the presence of the navy out in the middle of the Bay is actively dissuading the sea demons below.   Keeping to our patrols and providing food to those Triton and Elves that are really making whatever difference they can in this... Can you even call it a war? I miss the walls of Baku, the traders from Algier bringing tall-tales from the heart of the lands and the waters making the sweetest music as they crash against the shores.   Instead, I sit here on ships that are preparing to flee north to Eami to avoid the floods. The battle under the waves will barely notice our absence. The battles under the waves won't notice our absence.
— Letters from the Navy
  The Bay of Alma is filled with houseboats, Members of the Forkden Navy, Native Tritons fighting off encroaching Sahuagin and pirates… Lots of pirates. The shores themselves are covered in small villages that mark every other refuge and are constructed out of freestanding boats that can be unclipped and let free at a moments notice. All local construction is similar to this, and the methods for their use are tested constantly as the summer floods weed out those designs that are inefficient or wasteful.   The months preceding the floods are filled with checking and double checking ship cradles, anchors and latches to make sure that it’s an easy and safe flood. While some areas are known to have countless identities and ethnicities that have risen over the landscapes to define what is home and whose ancestors truly knew the landscapes they now look upon, the Bay of Alma barely has this.   Most thoughts of heritage and understandings being from the designs and styles of construction used for ships. As well as navigation methods that are utilized during the floods. Songs, myths and legends are prominent and told during the dark days of winter when the floods are the furthest from mind. The Bay itself is stuffed with the majority of the Forkden Navy aiding fight off Sahuagin that are attempting to migrate into the generally Triton filled waters of the Bay.   As such, the Navy focuses on this conflict and protecting trade routes to the detriment of all else. In this power vacuum, pirates have prospered. Growing to the point that they supplant large amounts of the governing power that Forkden holds. They constantly pull protection money and raid villages that don’t pay. Otherwise, this is a prime shipping area, with a wide variety of products going in and out of the official naval port of AlmaKhin.    


The gulf has a 300 mile stretch from the city of Almhakim to the inward river of the Sea of Hearts. While there are a number of islands spread across the region, of these, only a handful are inhabited and most are lifeless, cleansed of everything by the summer floods.

Flora and Fauna

Tritons export exotic deep sea life and other materials found in the depths of the sea to Algier. The area has a vast amount of fishing exports, with much of the local economies entirely based off of the practice.

Natural Resources

The Forkmaw Range is covered in Mines as the hills are rich in mineral resources. While gold, copper and diamond mines aren't explicitly common, stone mines populate the hills as the local population seeks out areas for mining marble and other high quality stone.
Alternative Name(s)
Triton Bay,
Gulf / Lagoon
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Where are these quotes from?

  Letters from the Navy are a number of selected writings collected from letters sent by members of the Forkden Navy. Collected under the guise of detecting dissent, many were leaked to publications across the country and published, revealing a depressing existence shared by many in the Navy.

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