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Sea of Hearts

Where the Sea Flows backwards and the O'eya roam

In the forgotten past, before the now that is and after the was that could have been, two souls did meet in the lands of stars.   Knowing that which is to be alone, the two met, discussed, wanting not to part. Not Worth, Endurance of Loneliness. However, not like one the other was. Thoughts, beings, different. Opposites not that hold.   Twice they broke, fleeing dark. Away, loneliness. They return to avoid alone. On third time of meet. They forge a brook. A third of peace. To keep break. To null pain. It stayed it's hold, they stayed whole.   Third soul to forge from stars the not alone. Away from alone, yet none are well. All are different. The Stars are vast, but numbered in the sky.   Not in the now that is, but in the soon that will be, the stars fade. And when no more, break peace.
— Loxodon Oral Myth of the Sea of Hearts.
  At the beginning of the Wasat Peninsula is a massive lake fed by twin rivers coming from opposing sides of the Forkmaw Range. On a map and to all reason, the Sea seems to deposit water into the ocean; however, visitors to the region will notice the ground towards the south has a gradual rise and the waters flow is reversed. The salty water flows non-stop, feeding into the Sea of Hearts.     Scholars over the years have hypothesized that the reason the Sea doesn’t overflow has to do with minute passages in the bedrock below the sea that lead down into the depths of the underdark. Theoretically, such passages and tunnels might exist in large enough quantities to allow one to traverse between the Sea and the Underdark. However, even with many searches over the years by various groups, no evidence of these tunnels has been discerned. With a modern view on the topic, the searches have been revisited and it has been postured that the locals who assisted with the searches were actually detrimental.   Covering the sea itself are countless small villages composed of boats and floating structures. These villages are the building blocks of a number of cohesive communities that balance each other and the sea itself with countless checks and balances. From webs of intrigue that spread across the sea, to alliances that help to stymie war before it grows to something that would cover the entirety of the sea. The majority of these villages and the population of the sea as a whole are a combination of Lizardfolk, Humans and Sea Elves.   As well, there are a number of unique creatures to the Sea of Hearts, one species in particular has not been recorded elsewhere. These are called the O'eya, or as the locals call them; are the “Beating Hearts of the Sea”. These creatures float far below the surface of the sea and and hyper-aquaphobic, with a wide expanse of air that forms around the O’eya. These areas are often used as places of meditation by those seeking to gain a connection to the very nature of the Sea of Hearts. They make up a wide portion of the extensive oral traditions about the origin and purpose of the Sea of Hearts.  


The Sea of Hearts is a vast inland sea that is partially fresh water and partially salt water, during the weeks before the annual flooding, many types of freshwater fish flee up the freshwater rivers to try to escape the onrushing waters. The sea is known to look similar to a heart from far above. This is the assumed origin of the name, with the likely origin being from an ancient magic user that found themselves hanging high above it.   The inland sea is roughly 50-60 miles across in most directions and has a total surface area of over 2 million acres.

Flora and Fauna

The Heart Villages make this lake their home, and in doing so, they constrain any major initiatives to settle the area and keep major business local to the floating villages. These groups are split between Lizardfolk and Humans, with a smattering of mousefolk and other creatures that help maintain the area.  

Natural Resources

The Sea of Hearts is the center of inland fishing, the constant mix of Fresh and Saltwater makes it an interesting look at the adaptation of species and a number of exotic sealife is exported from here.
Alternative Name(s)
Organ Sea, Disappearing Waters, Waves of the O'eya
Inland Sea
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Where are these quotes from?

  The Loxodon Oral Myth of the Sea of Hearts is recorded and sang by many of the natives of the sea. With origins dating to the Loxodon bards of the Highlands.

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