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The highlands of the west that watch over the floodlands.

FOR SALE Large Horse of considerable mass/strength, capable of pulling rickshaw/carriage adapted to highlands. Great for First Snow present on farms, asking 300 gold and a promise of use.
— The Eami Tsunami
  The Highlands rise high above the waters of the Forkmaw Gulf and the Westhill Islands with cliffs that act as massive bulwarks against the summer floods of the south. The northern portion of the highlands transition to the Highland Beaches. Vast beaches contained in small coves that protect against any major rising waters from the floods, in this area there is a large presence from the Elite of the various kingdoms as they buy out and rebuild various homes for summer houses and resorts.   The highlands themselves hold countless tribes of Centaur and Loxodon whose oral traditions are some of the oldest recorded from before the times of Vhaskus. Some have made claims that the goal of MerGus was to wipe clean the history of the continent, and outside of the Highlands, it seemed to have been particularly effective. Most historical records not dating back before the Landing of the Fourth Fleet.   The reasons for the sparing of the histories of the Highlands are unknown, but many hold theories on it. A well-known theory is that the difficulty of moving large troops across the Southern Floodlands stymied Vhaskus’s efforts. However, the presence of the city of Eami is thought to have been constructed by followers of Vhaskus, and that would invalidate the theory by providing a solid port to ship troops into the highlands without having to deal with the floodlands. Others hold that this is a showing of the strength of the native peoples of the Highlands as they, like those in the Dytikan Coast, Forests of Uuku and the highest points of the Feng Mountains retained control of their lands against Vhaskus.   Along with their own smatterings of lore, they survived. This is held to show that the highlands are strong and kept the history of the far past alive. Now, the fields of the highlands are spread with groups of storytellers and bards that seek to learn and disperse the remnants of history long forgotten by all others.   Along with a plethora of bards, the Highlands have the highest quality equines of Ithungsida. With the original stock in the rest of the continent having been slain by orcish hordes who found most horses unsuitable for their style of march and battle. The Highlands export hundreds to thousands of horses in a year to the rest of the continent.  


The Highlands are the westernmost portion of the continent and the only region of Forkden that isn’t flooded annually. This is largely due to it being a fairly mountainous region with the land being several hundred meters above sea level in comparison the the handful of meters the rest of the Southern Floodlands have.  

Flora and Fauna

The Highlands are known to have native Loxodon and Centaur populations that weren’t forced out by the Orcs, as well as a fair sized population of giants that make the more mountainous portions of the region their home.   Forkden has it’s greatest rural communities spread through the highlands. It’s said that 2/3rds of the population of Forkden reside here.

Natural Resources

The Highlands rival the Dytikan Coast for the capacity in growing food and crops, light winters and long summers make the growing seasons more favorable and contribute to the regions output of food to their cities. This area alone makes it so Forkden doesn’t rely on mass imports of food from KravMaw.   The Highlands can also be found among the best exporters of quality mounts. The horses from this region are said to be hardier and faster than those from the Middling Plains or the Dytikan Coast due to the higher elevation and lower oxygen density forcing the growth of larger lungs to maintain normal speeds.
DM's running a game in the highlands and need a Random Encounter Table? We've got you covered!

Highlands Encounter Roll Table

Roll the Dice
1-4Hobgoblin Warlord (M.M p.187)
5-98 Gnoll Hunters (VGtM p.154)
10-141 Cyclops (M.M p.45)
15-211d4 Giant Elk (M.M p.325)
22-241d3 Berserkers (M.M. p.344)
252 Hobgoblin Phalanx (Mon/Day)1 Horizon Walker,Ranger (Mon/Day)
26-273 Wandering Herbalists. (Mon/Day)
28-292d4 Thri-Kreen (M.M p.288)
30-35Group of 2d4 Bandits and 1 Bandit Leader (M.M p.343)(M.M p.344)
36Bonewing Landskimmer and 4 Giant Eagles. (Mon/Day) (M.M p.324)
37-392 Dire Wolves (M.M p.321) 1d4 Wolves/5 levels. (M.M p.341)
40-43Ankylosaurus & Stegosaurus Both/5 levels(M.M p.79) & (VGtM p.140)
44-462 Brontosaurus Add 2/5 levels.(VGtM p.139)
47-491d6-1 Lions (M.M p.331)1 Displacer Beast/5 levels. (M.M p.81)
50-602d4-2(min 1) Elephants (M.M p.322) Add 1d4/5 levels.
61Stag Knight on a Hunt(Mon/Day) Add 1/5 levels.
62-641d4 Aurochs Centaur (Mon/Day) Add 1d4 per 5 levels.
65-79Small unattended Shrine to (Roll 1d16 and choose a member of the Pantheon)
80-94A Heavy Thunderstorm rolls in.
95-1001 Tyrannosaurus Rex/5 levels.(M.M p.80)
Alternative Name(s)
The Centaur Plains, Fields of the Bards.
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  The Eami Tsunami is a newspaper written and distributed throughout the highlands. It has pioneered the "Ads in a paper for a fee" concept and uses it to great profit.

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