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The Great Bay

Vast Inland Sea owned by Kravmaw

The Maw holds the wreckage and has the ghosts of countless souls that doubted the true vengeance MeyGana wreaks across the vast expanse. Don't think of it as a lake or pond, placid and calm. All of those bodies that feed the sharks and beasts of the deep thought the same before they died.
— Waters of the North
  As the members of the Fourth Fleet of Iwa landed, the foundation of Forkly was only the first step towards settling in the new lands. Many scouts flocked inwards and found tribes centered around and on the vast portion of water that new dwarvish settlers assumed could only be an extension of the oceans they had come from. And the Great Bay deserves this designation, as the largest inland sea on Ithungsida, multiple copies of the Sea of Hearts could fit in this area.   With any major travel across the bay being over a hundred miles in distance, the variety of islands in the region are well populated with various tribes and towns happy to host sailors of all varieties. Due to the long history of the region, countless shipwrecks and abandoned areas have given rise to a surplus of areas for freshwater predators to lurk. Many areas like these are condemned and limit the areas that can be settled in a region if they aren’t cleared out. The cities of NearBay and FarBay generally offer bounties for cleansing areas like this.  


Islands, currents and directions for ships to take. Over a hundred miles across, the Great bay has a surface area of over 12 million square acres. With countless islands settled for various reasons, the sea has many secrets.   The depth of the lake varies wildly, from a majority of the lake being no more than 20 feet in depth, while vast abyssal chasms can be found that have not been thoroughly explored.

Flora and Fauna

The Great Bay is full of Saltwater Fish and Sea Elves.  

Natural Resources

A kelp native to the region is grown here and exported for use in clothing and baskets.
Alternative Name(s)
The Maw, The Water's Expanse
Inland Sea
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Owning Organization

Where are these quotes from?

  Waters of the North is a manual of advice and descriptions written on the many lakes and rivers of the North, including the Great Bay, Lake Eske and many rivers.

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