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Wise, Ancient, Eternal people of the forests and the past.

In the forgotten past, before the now that is and after the was that could have been, two types of soul did meet in the lands of sin.     One fled persecution, extinction. The other ancient, all-knowing of their realm. No aid to one another, as the second spread the lands, the future told through silence over demands. Young, old, present and future, the types too different to mend.     The second, reason, following the dark. Green complexion, scarred. Weapons wielded in fury, the first to slay at hand. And still no aid, as forests fell to war. Wood burns, the ancients retreat.   Third is demand godly, the horrible call. Restricted by fury, ancients all. Undeath of Mergus, future and pain. Unearthly deals to sustain. Ancients in their forest, leaving man alone. Mortal words are not their own.   Not in the now that is, but in the soon that will be, the ancients will pay. And when they have fallen, new tidings of death as ancient stars fade. When no more, have peace.
— Loxodon Oral Myth.
  According to the myths, legends and sparsely recorded histories of Elven Collective of Uuku, the elves were the first to come to the land of Ithungsida. At the end of the second age, the portals to the Material were ripped away and only returned after many generations. And when the portals reopened, many flocked through into this new land, only to be largely stranded. Trapped in this new world with no way to return to the Feywild.   Some fell into the sun scorched lands of Iwa, and still more fell into the vast forests of Ithungsida. At that time, the forests stretched everywhere. Across the Feng Mountains, through the Southern Desert before all was sand, and across the Southern Floodlands before they were ravaged by floods. They were endless and gave elves ample opportunity to spread.   The majority fell into the heart of Ithungsida, the area now known as the Forests of Uuku. And many settled there, quite content with the region. They grew their cities to towering bulks for countless years. Somewhere in this period, the gates to the feywild were unlocked once more, but the drift had succeeded and the majority no longer had a wish to rejoin their eladrin ancestors. Over this time, countless new species were formed by the various gods from ash, trees and spirit and there was largely peace. At least, until the refugees that were man arrived from Iwa.  

Ancient Elders

  According to Elven Myths, the Elves stood at the boundary of time in the realm of the FeyWild. Living in the moment even before this world existed as the gods and Giants helped to shape the boundaries of this new land. Many of their tales and songs stretch back millennia, with most myths that deal with the origin of the gods only found in Elven stories and histories. Their claims hold that the natives of the Feywild; the Eladrin, predated the forming of Ithungsida itself.

Fragile Mortality

  With Ancient secrets and truths hidden in the depths of history, the elves defined themselves as something Mortality could not grasp to any great degree. While other races like Humans and Halflings break from the mortal coil upon their eventual death, Elves do no such thing. They are locked into a cycle of reincarnation and reconstitution where their minds rejoin a collective consciousness that is seemingly separate from the Mortal and Divine realms.

Striking Moldability

  Whether due to their age, or their seemingly undying nature, elves have a vast amount of variants that each have their own identity and live in their own regions. These differences are largely related to input and molding by members of The Pantheon, however, there is little proof of such a thing beyond elven myths.  

Commonly Found:

  While Elves can be found in almost any environment, the vast majority hold the Forests of Uuku as their home. With countless years of magic and habitation having groomed the forest into the perfect landscape for elven society.   However, a handful of the population find the various major cities of Ithungsida to be home, while others have claimed areas in the Oceans or places like the The Great Bay and the Frost Shield to fight back against the mortal ravaging of what many view as "Their Continent."  

Racial Organizations:



The Eldreth-Velruuthra formed in response to Hongden's rise to power and attempts to spread his nation of ForkMaw through all of Ithungsida, including the Forests of Uuku. They advocated Elven Supremacy as well as the destruction of other races and the reclaiming/replanting of the Great Forest.   They are most well known for their most heinous act, the intentional crippling of Hongden by stripping him of his Elven Ancestry with an ancient artifact. Pusna Daerg wiped out the majority of the group, but it made a resurgence in later years before being stamped out permanently by the Praetori Legatus.


The Elven Collective of Uuku is the elven ethno-state. Ruled by elves, for elves, in elven standards of time. The territory stretches across the Forests of Uuku and into the Middling Jungles, and are known to be reserves of magical creatures and monsters that elven communities harbor to help protect the borders that they don't have the manpower to hold.   It is also said to be filled with magical artifacts of earlier elven civilization or other pieces of history that have laid untouched for millenia. However, Uuku is largely against people randomly coming into their lands and finding treasures that may still be owned by those living. There are several recorded instances of people finding treasure hordes and flaunting them only to be reprimanded by courts for theft.
Genetic Descendants

Where are these quotes from?

The Loxodon Oral Myth was recorded many years ago and stored in our records along with much of their orally recorded history.   The Elven Children's Story Snippets were collected by various elves we managed to speak to about the topic.

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