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Southern Desert

The vast and deadly shifting sands of the South-West.

For those seeking the rays of truth and the light of destiny in this blasted hot portion of the world. Before seeking fortune in the shifting sands. Visit the followers of Chando-Meywa to find the paths you must lead to prevent your soul from forever finding peace at a time you don't wish it to.   Seek the knowledge to avoid a grizzly fate.
— Temple Advert
  Beneath the towering peaks of the Feng Mountains are some of the harshest regions in Ithungsida. Many scholars point the sands of the south-east as the only truly “Uncivilized” portions of the landscapes. In truth, this holds merit, as for all of the reach and power of the main civilizations that dominate the land, only the Remniscent Monarchy of SosIwa has made any real reach for the landscape with Iwasunna and their forlorn territory of Oasis buried deep within the twisting sands.   To a greater degree, nobody wants the horrid landscapes that held the minions of Vhaskus, undeath of MerGus for who knows how many years. The countless orcish corpses just waiting to be unearthed casts a deathly pallor across the landscape and provides deterrents to the populous who see it as truly cursed. Those that live in the region agree with this sentiment.   Before The Orcish Incursion the cities of IwaSunna and Oasis were the crux of trade between SosIwa, Araetule , Renai, and even had routes from Uuku . While the cities were rebuilt and recreated in the image of their predecessors, the trade routes never returned. The rural tribes have grown reclusive and all who know the truth of the desert avoid it while they can.   Apart, of course, from those DraKaise stricken adventurers that help to power the southern economies much like Kannak prospers from the traverse of the Mesa. The Oasis and IwaSunna act as final departure points for adventurers seeking riches and fame, most only finding death in the twisting sands.   They fall as much to the natural challenges of the area, as to the monstrous creatures that roam the landscapes and the tribal peoples that see only enemies after their histories surviving Vhaskus. From a large tribe of narahasuur to several smaller tribes of Half-Orc that refute the nomadic lifestyles of the larger tribes and have tried to establish small settlements in the region.   Though “Uncivilized”, the lands of the Southern Desert are far from empty.  


Stretching from the eastern edge of the Middling Plains to just south of Eske, the Southern Desert is Vast and without equal across the entirety of the continent.

Flora and Fauna

An unusual amount of Deep Serpen are native to the region. Oral tradition of the Serpen tribes keep that they were brought from the depths of the underdark countless years before to serve as the guards and personal warriors of Vhaskus.

Natural Resources

The Mountains of Vhaskus are thought to be the densest source of minerals on the continent of Ithungsida, however, despite a number of attempts at setting up mines in the region, none have succeeded.
Alternative Name(s)
The Desert of Vhaskus, The Shifting Sands
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  This Temple Advert is one of many put out by local temples to draw more of the funds procured by tourists into their temples. This one specifically asks one to visit the temples of Chando Meywa, the Distant Arctele.

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