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Middling Plains

The Calm, Happy and Threatened lands of the interior.

Have you ever tried to grow wine?   My father had a great big vineyard down near the Mesa. Folly it was. But he grew some of the finest wine. He said the soil that had been carved by them Bulettes was perfect for the growing of grapes. He always said that I should come up from Aegis and see the landscape. He said the canyons were beautiful, carved by hands that can only be divine.   Attributed his good fortunes to Plospryn and Rogalev. But extolling your good fortune only draws Mergus to see what fortunes there are to destroy.   Yeah, he had land, a great vineyard. And some of the best wine, but when the bulettes break their territory and decide they need more... Well, see what good all of that did him.
— Letter to the Editor.
  The Middling Plains. Peaceful, easy to understand, easy to forget you live in a land called the “Land of Sin”. Not flooded during the summers, nor overly mountainous, nor restricted in growth by insand weather patterns that seek to destroy you. No, here a family can grow on a farm and help to provide the vast majority of food for the continent. Countless acres of land are dedicated to farms and the growth of important things.   Magic here is a rarity, beyond the odd cleric that makes his rounds to help ailments and the druid that lives off the landscape every few seasons to enrich the lands and spur more crops from the grounds. In the lands dominated by KravMaw , there is war, but it can be avoided, and battles often whet ground that has already been tilled. A good tiding for the year and crops to come.   The people here know a simplicity not unlike that of the Dytikan Coast, however, with the civilized landscape the worries of death and destruction are far from the minds of those that live there. With their proximity to wilder regions, they see death more often than those in a city might.   They see the plagues that jump into being, spurned into action by Darchada, the Uncontrollable Spread, know the monsters corralled and directed by MerGus, the lost thoughts that raze farms and towns alike, and pray to their patron gods to save them from the horrors they know are just around the corner. Yet, one can not focus on the possibility of their impending death for long. No, these are cultural points that spread and prosper following celebrations through the years and putting great stock in surviving from year to year.  


The Middling Plains stretch from the edges of the Southern Desert, squeeze up through the Forkmaw Range, up to around The Great Bay, and stretching around the Mesa up to the city of Hillfront. This vast range has a bulk of the same prospects in resources and inhabitants, even though the culture of the various regions don’t necessarily have the same array of understandings.

Flora and Fauna

Human tribes, villages, cities and area hold the greatest sway. Bulette Farms are common.  

Natural Resources

Crops and vast lands with large amounts of herding animals.
Alternative Name(s)
The Plains of Calm, Lands of the simple, The Breadbasket.
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Where are these quotes from?

  This Letter to the Editor was pulled from a newspaper in Aegis after a column was put out extolling the virtues of the Middling Plains.

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