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Bulette Farm

The buildings are laid out in familiar ways, with long buildings that look like chicken coops and an open field covered in feed. However, there were stark differences that could not be attributed to the aesthetic whims of a designer. For the buildings are heavy stone; tarnished marble with what look like a gridwork of iron bars coming out of the sides. the field was wide, spacious, and covered with metal plates. The feed; various types of rocks, smashed into smaller pieces and spread over the plates. The beasts themselves look like armadillos until they open their large maws and bite clean through one of the provided rocks...   This place is the farm of the Bulbaby, a distant relative of the fierce Bulette and it is a work of craftsmanship to maintain. Countless workers across Ithungsida work to maintain these landscapes and provide food to the masses through the Eggs gathered from the beasts themselves. So much like a normal chicken coop, yet so different.
— Livestock almanac of the Standards of Renai


Farms like these are built as a source of Livestock. However, attempts to use these types of farms to mass produce produce Bulette Powder has only ended in failure and dud powder.


A number of groups.specialize in building, maintaining and upgrading Bulette Farms, for a large sum of money, they provide the metal materials as well as building it in it's entirety.   However, it can also be built by hand. It is just far tougher and the chance of a Farm Breach increases dramatically.
Access & Availability
Bulette Farms are conspicuously absent from Forkden and Uuku, however, they populate a large portion of the regions of the rest of Ithungsida, with a large prominence in Renai as a farming animal that doesn't care for the temperature beyond it's hatching stages.
To make a successful Bulette Farm is a strenuous task that requires a significant amount of funds to start, for the metals and resources to begin farming, as well as a stable breeding crop of Bulbabies.
Bulette Farms have been in existence in some way or another since before the landing of the fourth Fleet of Iwa. The Designs have changed over the years, with additions of heavier metal and stronger stone to use for the walls.
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