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Bulette Powder

Powder formed from terrifying beasts to power terrifying machines.

It was the strangest thing. I was sitting on the walls of Kanak and I saw some of those awful bullettes jumping out of the rock towards the city. Of course, I freaked out, if they attacked the city as well... Then, a goblin ran out in front of them trailing little tubes of metal behind them before they exploded with small pops that must have been deafening up close!   They stopped dead in their tracks, the bulettes I mean. They spun on their heels and fled. I must find out what this miracle substance is!
— Journals of Rexa Thedas
  When Rexa Thedas witnessed the use of Bulette Capsules as a deterrent against the hulking Bulettes of the Mesa, she was determined to find the secrets of Kannak. She spent a number of months in the city procuring the priceless resource from local traders who saw it as the tool of fools that wandered into the Mesa unprepared.   After smelling, mixing, tasting and otherwise tinkering with the powder; Rexa found that the concoction was a potent force when ignited. Namely that it was strong enough, when mixed with a number of other Local Ingredients, to force gears and pistons into motion. Assuming a consistent supply and a safe material to shape the powerful blasts, there was little that this material couldn't do.   In fact, after a near-deadly catastrophe in her laboratory, Rexa found that a by-product of the powder's ignition was actually a form of "Lighter Than Air" gas that could potentially fuel other interesting technologies. Only a handful of years following the dissemination of her findings did those same dismissive traders figure out how to form fit the blast to work as the tools of the newly sprung Gunslingers.  

Physical Characteristics

Bulette Powder is found in two nominal forms, Powder and Brick. In it's powder form, it stains both skin and other materials with ease, before it was found to have such potent use as a fuel, it was often used as a type of chalk for marking materials.   In it's brick form, it is completely inert and often compacted for storage and long distance transport.


As a powder, the dust is relatively inert. However, it stores energy like no other material. Static Charges from cloth have been found to activate it to the point of the powder crackling with lightning. However, to discharge the powder into something that equivocates into a fuel source requires a special touch that has remained a trade secret of Kannak for many years.

History & Usage

Cultural Significance and Usage

The “Day of Gratuitous Explosions” is celebrated in Kannak, celebrating Rexa Thedas's discovery of it's use and the economic freedom that brought about for the citystate.   As well, it is known as the cause of Bulette Fever.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

When Bullette Powder is burned or ignited in a controlled manner, it also produces "Lighter than Air" gasses which are essential to the functioning of Airships.


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Like a mix of Pepper and Sulfur.
Like a mix of Pepper and Creole.
A fine brown and black powder with a silver-ish tinge that grows based on it's refinement.
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Where are these quotes from?

  The Journals of Reta Thedas were recovered by SosIwan archaeologists that made an investigation of a ransacked fortress higher up in the Feng Mountains. The Journals were recovered and have been reconstructed and stored as records of this influential figure in SosIwan archives.

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Dec 11, 2018 15:34 by Damion Otter

Ah, yes. The infamous "notGunpowder". I have this kind of material in my world, as well! My true question on it would be if players can use it as a weapon? Do you have stats for the damage a barrel of it can do? This is likely on the boring, number-crunchy side of things but the article itself is informative enough I don't have other questions to ask.   Maybe an article on what a bullette is for the unknowing.

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Dec 14, 2018 22:25 by Dejers Garth

Thanks for the feedback, I wanted to help provide a difference between the world before that had used gunpowder based tech and the re-invention of this world that uses bulette powder based tech, which is cruder and far less stable.   It's also sourced from a disturbingly deadly creature which I've recently worked on writing about. Bulettes :D

Dec 11, 2018 15:55

The way you describe where it is found, it sounds like there's only a few places that really produce it. And we all know what happens when a few nations control a large part of a substance that everyone needs for transportation :)   Is this going to be something you explore? Or is the powder much more common than it seems? If only a few cities or nations have access to the powder, that seems like it would give them an enormous advantage in all kinds of ways and fields - a lot of really interesting political implications for world-building fun.

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Dec 14, 2018 22:27 by Dejers Garth

It's one of the few reasons the city of Kanak remains a nation-state over being pulled in by one of the larger nations surrounding it. Bulette powder is relatively rare, dangerous and hard to collect in any major quantities, outside of the Mesa of course.   So, yes. Definitely going to be something explored to an extent. :D Thanks for the comment!

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The term “hand canons” stuck out and made me smile because I have read a fantasy book where guns were invented and called “fire tubes”, and I have to admit that would have been a better word choice. I like how this article is layered with links and tooltips, but is otherwise very brief despite its length.   The tooltip describing what a “Bullette” is, is helpful. Though I would move it to the quote, because I ended up picturing the people driving off bullets. Then again, I did end up reading further trying to understand how bullets could be chased away.   Do you intend to do an article on the species this comes from? I see you already have an article on the region, you've linked to the technology that uses it, so I assume you've already elaborated on that or plan to. Really, just seeing the links shows how interconnected this substance is to your world. Well done.

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Thanks! I've been trying to work on getting better at reflecting the level of interconnections I've worked on establishing in my world. Everything has a link to everything else, someway or somehow. My goal is to eventually have it so you can get to most of my articles from any article in just a handful of clicks. :D   Also, I did just finish writing up an article on Bulettes themselves if you'd like to check that out. :D

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You're welcome! I'll do that. Best of luck.

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What better way to fly than with explosives!? Now you're cooking with Bulletepowder!   Like Oner I am lost because I'm not sure what a bulette is in this case.

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Dec 14, 2018 22:31 by Dejers Garth

Indeed! Bulette Powder is super useful and it helps provide a divide between the past and the present. The past had gunpowder based technology which no longer functions or even exists, the present has been condemned to using technology that is not stable, not very safe for use and incredibly hard to obtain making it obscenely expensive.   Thanks for the comment, and I did get some more information on what Bulettes actually are and why Bulette Powder is rare. :D

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