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Gunslingers, Deadeyes, wielders of wildly temperamental weapons with great destructive capabilities.

The flash of light echoed across this urban battlefield, followed closely by a crack of thunder. Yet the man in the long coat striding across the battlefield was no mage wielding magical forces. Merely a man bearing a weapon in the crook of his arm and holding it steady against the beasts of the night. They cowered away, those thugs. Yelling in surprise as he let off another blast, quickly rocking the weapon back in his arms and spreading his feet for stability.   They did not take any time to remain in the alley, the many men fleeing before this stranger. And yet, he pursued. Following them to the end of the alley before returning to my side and offering me a small thing from one of his many pockets. It was a silver-engraved gun of a much smaller scale than the one he had fired at the fleeing beasts that could not be called men. He told me to learn to protect myself, for there would not be a man like him to turn down the alley like he had.   So, I did. Learning to wield the weapon. Finding the secrets within and acquiring some of that fearsome powder which helped to fuel it. Now it sits in my pocket as I roam the streets of this city, and I wait for the day some alley beckons me to enter and aid those inside.
— found in the “Powder of the Future; Death or Savior?”
  The Gunslinger has existed for many years in different variations. From ancient Araetule with their riflemen, to the more modern extravagant fighter that deals death from the barrel of a gun.



Deft hands, a sprinkle of street smarts, a sturdy shoulder, wide spread feet and a large helping of bravery and decisiveness, of which, both are required in equal measures.
— Manual of the Gunslinger
To be a gunslinger one must be in equal parts specifically wealthy and mechanically inclined. For to be a gunslinger is to deal constantly with the faults of your weapons that seek to fall to pieces in your hands.   One must be able to find the way to first learn to use the weapons and then to procure the supplies necessary for operation, such as a steady supply of Bullette Powder.

Career Progression

A willing mind is needed to make it far as a gunslinger, that and an attitude forged in the understanding of fate. For Chando holds your future in her grasp with the weapons of powder. Take heed to give credence to your survival so she may show pity in your favor.
— Manual of the Gunslinger
The Career of a gunslinger, for most, inevitably ends in death. But those who otherwise avoid this fate find themselves as teachers and tinkerers seeking to better a weapon that does not wish to abide any sort of advancement.   Many find themselves inducted into organizations such as the Caelfoc Union and the The DraKaise Battalion who are more than happy to help fund their expenses and train them to be something greater.

Payment & Reimbursement

To lust for recompense is human, but to seek the way of the truth is a measure of self-control and bravery missed by many. As you have taken this book in your hands, take the measure of control you can over your life and grasp it tight.   In time and deeds you will be rewarded until your presence alone speaks leagues.
— Manual of the Gunslinger
A gunslinger is very much a self-starter, requiring ample study and wherewithal to find work suited to their nature and then to make sure that they get their just rewords for fulfilling the nature of their work.

Other Benefits

Verily, have you followed the words of this book of yours? Seen it's secrets and faced them as a true follower of the way? If so, you have earned your brook as a gunslinger. You have earned your title, but the end is merely yours for the taking. The journey has provided you thus.
— Manual of the Gunslinger
A man with a gun is feared and respected, a man who knows how to use a gun is rarely challenged truly. For the impetus behind the blast of powder in the weapon often outweighs mortal concerns.



The adventurer's of old, not those that seek death in the days of now, but those the Lox have chants recorded of. They found calling with the truth of the way, but in terms as they knew them.   With guns, the gunslinger can grasp these terms like many others, and take upon themselves the truth of the nature that is the way. You stand in the cities and guard the people, from themselves and each other. Stand strong bastion of Rogalev.
— Manual of the Gunslinger
The gunslinger helps to fulfill, in part, one of the many archetypes of adventurer in Ithungsida, a person that can be called on to accomplish tasks both difficult and generally unwelcoming. The Gunslinger manages this while utilizing a gun.


Due to the overall lack of availability of Bullette Powder, it is a job few overall are called to. The majority of Bulette byproducts of course being utilized for Transportation; Trains and Airships.


You are no soldier, merely a man on his own. See the armies of Krav that eat the land for themselves and scoff, for in the act of seeking the Way, you have ascended beyond them.   Araetule may have born the truth of the gun, but the gunslingers forge their own destiny through the will of Chando.
— Manual of the Gunslinger
  Before The Funeral March, the Gunslinger was a soldier and a not entirely uncommon sight in an army or on a battlefield. With the funeral march, the gunslinger vanished as well, pulled down by the use of it's weapons being completely invalidated.   In the 900s, after Rexa Thedas discovered the use of Kanak's Bullette Powder, many in the city quickly adapted old firearms to utilize the material in this new way and brought about the era of the gunslinger as a lone gunman looking for gold and ways to make it in a harsh world.



A gunslinger's most defining tool is a firearm, which provides them a luck-based advantage that can cripple them just as easily as it can benefit them. Most gunslingers end up carrying many guns on their persons to help outweigh the potential disadvantage should their weapons be temperamental.   However, Gunslingers also often utilize a set of Tinkerer's Tools which are useful for repairing jammed weapons on the fly or reconstructing weapons that have been blown sky-high.
Alternative Names
Gunslinger, Deadeye, Falchion, Mysterious Stranger.
Luxury Demand, sometimes people will seek out people who have training in these arts similarly to those who can use magic proficiently.
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Where are these quotes from?

  “Powder of the Future; Death or Savior?” was written around 1000 with cautionary tales alluding to a rise in vigilantism with the spread and use of Bulette Powder and weaponry based off them.   "Manual of the Gunslinger" was written in the mid 1050s by an unknown author and spread through the many lands sparking an even greater interest in the topic. With instructions on how best to obtain weaponry and bulette powder, and a long treatise on the actual purpose of a gunslinger in society, it is a must read for any would-be gunslinger.

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