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Caelfoc Union

The Pathblazers of Renai

In the recent past, before the now that is and after the was that could have been, many souls did meet in the lands of snow. Seeing the battles approaching ahead. The group was formed and did it’s best. Going forth and spreading the light. Burning paths through the night. In winter are the cold and chills. The Caelfoc are of mettle, tougher still.   The roads were cut. Into the ground and marked they were. Maps were made and the world was heard. For trade must move. And in the following of the fires, the treads of trade did never tire.   Numbers swell and then they fall, a core group to lead them all. The young will die and be abused. Till they find their scales have hardened. Wyrmlings to Wyrms. So many deaths spurned. Not in the now that is, but in the lands to come. The numbers fall as Drakaise swells anew. For the clearing of the roads, hasn’t taken quite enough. Blood will spill through.
— Recorded Oral Myth of the Caelfoc Union

Caelfoc Union

The Caelfoc Union is a Professional group of Road-clearers and manual laborers, they provide skilled training for those road clearers that service the northern cities of Renai. While a large port city like Moldatun might have a thousand local members, the Caelfoc are spread thin across the rest of the country.   Many can be found working on the roads between the cities at the same time as they are helping to recover lost trading caravans or to elimante threats to those that would be utilizing the roads. This is a brutal group where the majority will fall in the line of duty, but others will replace them to maintain the needs of modern society in the north. The members of this group are greatly rewarded for their contributions and the becoming a member of the Caelfoc Union is seen as one of the highest paying professions in Renai.  

Caelfoc Union members

The rough membership and divisions of the Caelfoc Union.

~10430members of the Caelfoc union.responsibilities
~5000WyrmlingsManual Labor near Cities.
~4000YoungsShort Transits between Cities.
~800AdultsIn depth Clearance of paths between cities
~600AncientsLeading adults, finding new paths.
~30Great WyrmsAdministration


A Wyrmling is brought into the Union by the Great Wyrm in charge of their city. At this point, they are given their Lopsko blade and taught the to clear ice and ensure the safety of frozen urban environments. Once they've mastered those necessities they are given the opportunity to become a youth.   Youth leave the city on only short trips, staying within a day of their city and rarely camping outside of it. They are expected to deal with threats and issues on their own, but still fall back on the experience of other members. At the end of their time as Youth they are assigned a trip to cross the continent, upon the completion they are raised to adulthood.   Adults are rarely long for city life, preferring outdoor life and dealing with the elements over dealing with ails of modern life. This means that they are found in Caelfoc outposts and the outskirts of cities, but rarely in other urban environments. A Caelfoc can remain as an adulthood for many years before being becoming an Ancient through the recognition of their presiding Great Wyrm.   Ancients are the pinnacle, their footsteps permanently crusted in snow and their bodies fit for the worst of environments to be found in the north. They do the same work as Adults, but manage the longer paths and are called out for those problems that even Adults have issues tackling. However, a life like this is dangerous and most fall in the line of duty. Those that survive their fall, but are crippled in some fashion are given the option of accepting their retirement and moving into an Outpost as a Great Wyrm.   Great Wyrms are those that train the new Wyrmlings and define the tasks that many of the lower ranks follow. They handle the vast majority of the administration and deal with public and governmental relations as necessary.
You have been given this land to find and populate as your own. You are uncontested in all respects. Find a future here. Become those Caelfoc that rifle in the dregs of DraKaise and find their destiny.

The Lopsko Shovel-Blade

The Lopsko Shovel-Blade is the symbol of the Caelfoc, acting as an instant identifier for most members of the Union.   The Lopsko has a storied history that reaches back to the re-awakening of Renai by Raknar Feng. When those first new Halfling transplants began repopulating their ancient cities, the Caelfoc were founded by Brodray "Champion of Garma” to act as the thread that would bind the nation together.   To assist them in their endeavors, the Dragon fashioned a blade from one of the Shovels that the Iwans had brought on their journey and commanded them to fashion their own destiny by cutting paths through the wilds of Renai. This has held over the last thousand years with few cosmetic changes except those made for greater efficiency.   Superior Materials, perfected construction techniques and various levels of enchantment have afforded the Lopsko Blade an almost mythical status for those Renans that recognize it.   A standard Lopsko blade will outlast the career of any single Caelfoc member and are often passed down through the ranks as fallen members are buried and new members are trained.

Trade through the arctic wastes will not be hindered and can not abate.

Civil Services
Alternative Names
The PathBlazers, The RoadScrapers
Training Level
Parent Organization
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Where are these quotes from?

Recorded Oral Myth of the Caelfoc Union This myth was recorded in the early years as Raknar Feng explored Ithungsida.

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Coming back to this article after reading a few more about the Caefolc, I'm still wondering about two things and I think you could either add an explanation here, or highlight that it's explain in another article and give the link to that article:   1) What do the caefolc actually look like? 2) Do all of the caefolc belongs to the union? Is it just the name of their society or is it more like a company? Do absolutely all of them have to go through those different stages despite the high death rate? Is there maybe some important caefolc who doesn't want to send their children? What if one of them is born disabled and unable to do the work? Also the great wyrms are the very old that are too hurt to continue doing the work, but what happens to younger ones that are still too hurt to continue?   Anyway, I find their society very interesting, those are nice articles :D

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Once I finish writing the last of the Rank articles I'll be coming back and doing an overhaul on this one! I just wanted to lay the groundwork that was so heavily missing here first.   So, Caelfoc is very explicitly an organization set in the world. Various species make up the guild members.   And no, as the Young article mentions, Wyrmling aren't required to advance into Youth if they don't want to, while the rest is more of a natural progression.   While children often follow in the footsteps of their parents, they absolutely would have to be physically capable of the work or they would never be accepted.   Ancients are the only ones given a special position once they have reached the point where they are willing to or forced to accept it, generally younger members that are struck down die and the few that are instead crippled are set down with a pension of some fashion depending on the city and the Wyrm in charge.   Many thanks for your comments! They are greatly appreciated!

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