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Renan Chef

The culinary masters of Renai; berries, fish and meat fall into filets under their careful hands!

Do you know how hard it is to gather Phoenix tears or Fresh Bulette Dung? No I'm not a wizard! Though some have called me one of the kitchen. I just need to get these ingredients and this seems like the fastest and most efficient way to go about it.
— DraKaise Battalion Entry Records.
  To be a professional chef in Renai is to be part of a different class of people. Revered by many due to your perceived connection with Garma, you have probably served people of high station and low. Your position serving as a midway between a priest and a bartender. Capable of creating a beautiful styled meal that tastes just as amazing as it looks!   Perhaps you grew up as a chef's apprentice, or you were taught when you came of age. No matter, you have a firm grip on how to cook basic Renai Cuisine from dumplings to berry rich salads, to the wide assortment of Fish eaten in Renai. You have contacts in the chef world and often reach out to contacts to get rare ingredients that might only be available to a handful of people. And in return, you often do favors and similar for your contacts. This may have led you to have a bit of adventure in your life.    
Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Sleight of Hand
Tools: Cooking Tools
Languages: Halfling
  • A set of Cooking Utensils
  • A book of recipes.
  • A rolling pin(club)
  • 5 sets of spices.
  • Mess Kit
  • Feature: Cook's Contacts(Criminal's Contact but for Chefs)
    Alternative Names
    Cook, Ingredient Runners, Fancy Chefs
    A chef straddles the line between the higher and lower portions of society. Easily adapting recipes and available ingredients to their current situations! Everyone needs a good chef!
    Other Associated professions

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      DraKaise Battalion Entry Records. are records gathered by those at The DraKaise Battalion by adventurers seeking entry.

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