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Wyrmling of the Caelfoc Union

The Beginner Caelfoc, those that clear the roads and protect the walls.

Clear the roads. Protect the Traders. Shield the city. That was our mantra. Our motto. And I failed. Our Ancient said it wasn't my fault, but I disagree. A band of Frostspines got too close to the city. They tore open a cart and there was barely any blood left.   I want to join the Battalion so that I can be stronger, so that I can help to protect the next ones.
— DraKaise Battalion Entry Records.
  The Caelfoc Union always need more bodies and people to help traverse the most travelled paths. You were a member for a brief period, learning to efficiently clear the roads and help travelers as they approached one of the various cities of Renai. While you probably never went on major trips for the Caelfoc, you might have gone between a few cities as you began working towards becoming a Youth of the Caelfoc.   Perhaps you saw something horrible in the snowy wastes or you failed to fend off beasts from the path and had to be rescued. Or you hid and let travelers fall to a disaster you could have helped to avert. Maybe it was something even simpler, you just couldn't bear the clearing of the roads, or the mortality of your comrades as you approached becoming a Youth of the Caelfoc. No matter the cause, your spirit was broken and you left the Union.   Whether on good or bad terms, you still have the skills that you learned in your time there.    
Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Survival
Tools: Land Vehicles
Languages: Halfling
  • A decorated shovel-sword.
  • A hunting trap
  • Your badge from the Caelfoc Union
  • A map of the area around the city you were stationed in.
  • A set of traveler’s clothes
  • Feature: Guild Membership(Caelfoc Union).
    Alternative Names
    Caelfoc, Road Clearers
    Members of the Caelfoc Union are accepted from any walk of life, as long as they can do the job.
    Other Associated professions

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      DraKaise Battalion Entry Records. are records gathered by those at The DraKaise Battalion by adventurers seeking entry.

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