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Renai Revenge Court

Under the celestial hands, the court has not hastened to a verdict; however, the verdict has been reached.   In reaching this decision, the court has considered the climate that can be said to have caused the action in question.   Many extenuating circumstances were considered and tempered the ideals of the court, those circumstances could largely be simplified to two considerations; 1) The preceding conflict with Vhaskus and those legions under his command. 2) The continued exorbitant loss of life that this intervention ceased.   However, the severity of the response still bears reproach.   While Vhaskus had given leave of citizenry to all that composed the race of Orcs, there was still a civilian population to consider. Something that the court has confirmed that the Lichdom neglected to attend to when removing military targets. In truth, the findings of the court hold that the Lichdom actually held the considerations that every member of the Orcish race was to be considered a military target.   While the circumstances merited a response that was both expeditious and punitive, the court holds that the Lichdom was too zealous with their approach and committed an act of Genocide that has not been considered since the days of Iwa.   It is the verdict of the court that the Lichdom is to provide a recounting of their actions, a binding statement that future actions of this severity will be forbidden and that the Lichdom will provide those survivors that retain Orchish Heritage a gratuitous sum of wealth as to be defined in future proceedings.
— Fourteenth Session Records

Renai Revenge Court

  The theocratic state of Renai is known to boast a monolithic bureaucracy that impacts every part of their citizens lives. From the constant drama and predilections of those members of the Polar Courts to the reams of paperwork ascribed to the House of Ministers, the bureaucracy often feels implacable, immobile and indefensible for the citizenry.   At the very peak of that impossible design sits the exemption to the rule and the makers of those rules; the Renai Revenge Court. It is the final arbiter in all cases it accepts no matter the origin; the theocracy places it's full weight behind every decision with the iron will and immense force of Brodray and Pursir ready to be brought to bear.   Any who oppose or ignore the verdicts of the court often find themselves at the mercy of Renai's executive branch. While the usual actions of the higher echelons of the government are exceedingly slow, the decisions of the Revenge Court bring about dramatic and expedient change. Legislative, militaristic and diplomatic sanctions are all at the complete disposal of the court when it becomes necessary.   The court is famously known for many of their decisions as many courts across the continent, within Renai or not, look to the court for precedent. From the Eighth Session's Ban on Atomic Weapons and the Fourteenth Session's Fine against the entire Lichdom for the Genocide of the Orcs. Not to mention the Sixth Session's Abolishment of Renai's laws against Percussion Performances. They oversee any decisions they see as worthy, be it domestic or foreign. However, no matter the size, the court can only see so many cases at a time, and only process around 80 cases per year.  


The First Session of the Renai Revenge Court began in the 62nd year after the Landing of the Fourth Fleet of Iwa, it started with 23 members, all Halfling, and is the only recorded instance of Brodray and Pursir setting the required amount of members.   At the end of every session, the current members of the Court band together and vote for what number of people should be on the court for the next run. For example, the 9th session had an astounding 98 members selected after the Fall of Araetule, to this date, it is the largest session to have been selected.   The members of this court are, for obvious reasons, biased against shorter lived races like Humans with members most commonly being Halflings while also incorporating members of those other long-lived races that can commit to longer sessions without the fear of them dying of old age. Should the total members of a session fall below 2/3rds the original number before term’s end, new members are selected by Brodray or Pursir from a shortlist composed by the members of the court.

Renai Revenge Squads

The Revenge Squads are the iron fist of the Court. These act as their ground troops; useful for finding suspects, protecting witnesses and guarding the Court's physical location and the well-being of the members. The public image this group has cultivated isn't pretty, with them being colloquially as "Death Squads" that operate outside of the law.   While the higher administrative work of the Squads are performed by committees in the Court, the actual training and direction of the squads is overseen by Brodray. The silver dragon bases the operations out of his large military complex in Toft.   Recruits are drafted from high ranking members of the Caelfoc Union and other groups. While the Court guides the actions of the Revenge Squad, this is done via Brodray who conveys the orders to Squad Leaders.

Foreign Relations

The Renai Revenge Court has ultimate jurisdiction in Renai and high levels of respect across the Continent. Decisions made by the Renai Revenge Court are considered final. In 0438 When some Dukes in KravMaw stood against the ingress of the Court’s Revenge Squads into their lands, they quickly found Renai backing the Court over their hopes for privacy and control over their lands.   Renai is, has been, and is sure to remain the single largest purchaser of goods from Kravmaw, but in response to blocking the Revenge Squads from operating in their lands, the Renai government stopped buying from the entire region the lords had ruled over. “Had” is a key word here, as the Embargo stood for 6 years, until the last of the lords were deposed of in 0444, then resumed purchasing from the region.
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Where are these quotes from?

  These Fourteenth Session Records are collected from official Renan records on the topic of the Lichdom and their Genocide.

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