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A man has his friends and allies hewn from youth, raised in the lands that were their own and taken with forms that all can attest to. Their blades held their own and trusty were their holdings. Our portion of the Senary holds his friends as a pain of fear of failure. Taking his newly found holdings and power to his brothers and using the requisite number as the proof of his manhood and abilities.   His age and responsibilities are reflected in this, his Adulthood support his actions and carry his orders as they have since before he was of the Senary. Now his swill pervades the rivers of the land and takes prudence from his queen-given rights. Damned be the ides of fate that bring out the understandings of the future and the past.
— Letters of KravMaw's Elite.
  The Dukes make up the ruling managers of the realm of Feudal States of KravMaw. They have the reigns of the lower peoples and the capabilities to wield the power of their supporting Senary Member to enforce the supposed will of the Monarch.   Chosen by their Great Duke, they hold a very different role from the Monarch and Great Duke, in that they are the first tier of the government not elected for life. A Duke rules at the behest of the Great Duke, and for only as long as they are useful.


Dukes are selected by a Great Duke and raised to be a functioning member of the government, assisted by the   take control of a region of Barons and maintain peace in the region while holding relations to the surrounding areas.
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