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Great Duke

The Senary, elite rulers chosen by the Monarch to rule KravMaw.

The Monarch is a sexdactyly, not in the true sense of the word, but in that at her beck and call are the six Great Dukes who really rule KravMaw. Each as a single finger of the greater hand that is the queen.   But I must ask you, what is a hand without the fingers it can use to grasp and wield the tools it needs to feed the body and survive?   The queen is the force behind the six-fingered hand, and we are all better off for it. It was those six fingers that held back destruction in the times of chaos, and they will always seek to protect the body by catching the blade and breaking.
— Letters of KravMaw's Elite.
  While the Great Dukes are chosen by the Monarch, they are often chosen from a number of elite families that have remained in the upper crust of KravMaw society since the time of Hongden, however, the Reigning Monarch is not beholden to this rule. Several key points in history have come about from the appointing of Great Dukes completely unaffiliated with the former power structure.


The Great Dukes are appointed with the new Monarch, generally they are close friends and wise instructors that have lived and known the Monarch for long periods of time. However, exceptions have been known to occur.   Once they have been named in the appointment of the new Monarch, they have the right to deny the responsibility one time, beyond that, only death or insanity can remove the Great Duke from office, not even the reigning Monarch can force them to resign.


The Great Dukes manage the morale of the people and act as advisors to the ruling Monarch.


Great Dukes each manage one of six territories that make up the Feudal States of KravMaw. Each act as the ultimate authority in their realm and often rule their territories in fairly different methods than the rest.


The Great Dukes have the right to all of the wealth of the region they live in, however, this is more theoretical than real. The few recorded attempts of a Great Duke to seize control and make their own land out of their region was overturned and killed by their own armies.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Death is the only way to remove the Great Duke, and it merely allows the reigning Monarch to appoint a new Great Duke.
Nobility, Honorific / Ceremonial
Alternative Naming
The Senary Dukes, Grand Dukes, Senary, The Powerful Six
Equates to
Royal Advisors, Ministers, and Territorial Managers all fulfill the same duties as the Great Duke
Source of Authority
The Monarch and the people provide the power that back the Senary.
Length of Term
Related Locations
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Where are these quotes from?

  Letters of KravMaw's Elite are sourced from public records and released letters sourced from the nobility and upper levels of society and government.

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