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Heart of the Frost Shield, Art Capital of Renai.

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The citizens of Toft hold their education and prosperity in high regard. As the midway point of trade routes reaching all across Devout Monarchy of Renai, Toft has a massive influx of goods and people that are lost in mid-transit. Often regarded as the "Art Capital" of Renai, these people are redirected to the multitude of beneficial jobs such as artist apprentices or aides in the Polar Court. The area is also surrounded by a heavy logging industry which fuels more of the area's prosperity.  

Areas in Toft

A Number of the main Points of Interest in Toft.  

Arts District

Due to the constant inflow of money and goods yet a slight lack of things to be done in the "Heart of the Frost Shield" Toft approaches the service industry in a way not done by most. This portion of the city, just west of the Polar court and holding alongside Firn's Place of Rest, the Arts District is full to the brim with art galleries, public sculptures, and places of fine eating. This is one of the easiest places in Renai to experience the cuisine of any culture in Ithungsida.  

Brodray's Playground

Long before the Orcish Incursion, Brodray Champion of Garma” found the area just off the south-east of the Polar Court to be a suitable place for his garrison when he made visits. So he purchased the land and made it a barracks for his amusement and the training of his most elite soldiers. Over Time, this grew in size and profession to be comparable to the Eritras Academy and the Barracks of the 83rd..   However, this would not last. During the beginning throes of the Orcish Incursion after the initial assaults on the cities of Eske and Aegis, retreating soldiers were brought to Toft to start training in excess under the most elite divisions of Renai, the Renai Revenge Squads. Waves of new cadets trained in the Playground and it earned the title of the "Bloody Playground" due to the countless injuries sustained while training. However, those who graduated during those bloody years were fully immersed in the arts of war.   Even in modern times, while the bulk of the armies themselves have long since faded from the forefront of Renai, the countless veterans that remained make it a solid school for the improvement of the citizenship and is a central location for the Renai Revenge Court to station their troops. Due to it remaining Brodray's pet project, it holds tax exempt status and is bolstered by donations from various organizations aiming to remain on the good sides of the Draconic Duo. It is best known for its overall excellency and willingness to take almost any willing person from the streets and transform them into a productive functioning citizen.   In general use, it's output of soldiers are typically assigned to aid the city guard or participate in escort work.  


The North-eastern residential areas are far from most gates and markets to be in a state of lax moderation by the city guard. As such, it is a prime area for the growth and spread of gangs and cults, both of which have been targeted and taken out by various groups from the The DraKaise Battalion and the Renai Revenge Squads, as well as any number of solo groups of adventures.   Due to the constant influx of new people seeking to be an artist or get intermixed with the political workings of Renai, the slums are the cheapest housing and holds one of the highest populations of immigrants in any of the cities of the country. Conclaves of some rarer species have sprouted and gained a sense of dominance in the region as of late, however this could be overthrown at almost any point.  

Median Housing Area

The Median Housing Area, or MHA, is the face of Toft. The area is strictly planned as a residential area to portray a statement of beauty and prosperity to those passing through the town. Along the main roads of Toft are the prettiest and most modern houses, built to reflect current standards of living in the city. The Key portion of the design of the MHA is the placement and affordability of it, all the members of the Polar Court have to travel past it multiple times a day on their commute from their homes in the Rich Residential Area and, to some extent, take notice of the regular folk of the city milling about to the tunes of their daily lives.   Due to the constant refreshing of culture and design standards, the MHA is constantly under construction. With roads being redone with murals as old houses are knocked down and rebuilt in slightly different ways. This gives a solid bonus to the construction industry in Toft, as jobs are always going and people are needed to work them. It is said that the MHA doesn't have a house older than 200 years in it.  

Rich Residential Area

The Rich Residential Area, or RRA, is the historic lifeblood of Toft. With houses that date back to the very founding of the city, the RRA is a finely developed community inhabited by only the most elite of the population. Those halflings that commute to the Polar Court, Nobles and their Families, and large corporation owners all call this area home. With a much higher cordon of guards on the borders of the RRA, the insides of the RRA are primarily patrolled by private security that tend to... Overlook, any major issues seen with the richer inhabitants of the area.   As such, while standard crime is almost non-existent in the RRA; it is a haven for art forgery, illicit meetings between high ranking officials and countless other scandal inducing issues.  

Yellow-Fin Standards

The Yellow-Fin Standards is the poster child of the nation-wide effort to set a standard of education for all citizens of Renai, rich and poor alike. While previous attempts failed due to the lack of use by a majority of families, the new attempt has a mandatory attendance imposed by the government on Halfling children. After all, they are the future of the Nation. With the mandatory attendance enacted, the new attempt has been massively more effective.  
"While our children are the future, it is the children of Halflings that will lead Renai in the next years. And it will be the children of the rich halflings, those who don't want to send their children to these grimy schools you so vigorously defend. We cannot send our children to sit with the riff-raff in classes taught to the lowest denominator of human.   No, the gratuitous intermixing of the classes is to be wholly stymied and removed.   ~Malelle of the Polar Court.
  The Yellow-Fin Standards are best characterized by the extreme segregation between the various social classes. This is mainly to convince the rich to allow their children to attend rather than paying off the ever-growing fines for non-attendance. The Campus is a massive part of the city, directly on the main road from the East Gate. The segregation is never more apparent than at the beginning of the school-day. With vast hordes of children descending upon the school by foot and a line of carriages bearing the opulent from the RRA.   A large open court in the center of campus delineates pathways too and from the various classes. For the actual schooling involved at the Yellow-Fin Standards, it is heavily variable depending on the focuses outlined by the higher ups in the various departments that oversee the Standards. These topics range from the basis of magic, the source of the world, more languages to learn, and countless other topics. Secondary Schooling is also allowed in the Assistant Professorship programs, allowing prospective students to continue learning at the Standards for as long as they continue to aid in the teaching of the students.  

Wizards of The College

The Wizards of the College opened a passage to Toft after the Orcish Incursion with the proclaimed goal of stabilizing inter-connectivity after the chaos of destruction wrought by Vhaskus.  
"For too long, the College has sat and studied away from the lands of Ithungsida and contributed nothing in return. We will aid in the rebuilding after the disaster we could have helped to avert if our eyes were opened."   ~Erysh Fon'lei, Chairman of the Wizards of the College

Seat of The Polar Court

The center-most portion of Toft is completely dominated by the construction known as the Seat of the Polar Court. The massive Cathedral-esque building is easily seen from nearly any point in the city, the morning bells crash across the city as they signify the opening of the court and the beginning of most activity in the city itself. Deep in the walls of the court are vast saunas with imported waters and magically heating the water to be pleasing to those safely ensconced within.   While many use this chance to discuss the realities of their world as they see it, a massive amount of the inhabitants prefer to just relax and slowly cultivate new alliances in the elite of Renai.  

The Twin Market Districts.

The West and East Market Districts are only distinguished by the types of goods that are imported, with most food coming into the West Market Distict and materials/gems are common to be found in East.  

Icegut Village

This Village is situated outside the Southern gates of Toft. It stands as a more Traditional Remnant than a realistic stopgap for provisions of food during slim times. Now it stands more as a suburb of Toft, away from the city guard and uptight citizenry. This is where most influential groups of the darker variety are based, including the rumored Toft Thieves Guild.  


  Toft has two major graveyards; Firn's Icy Rest and Garma's Place of Rest.  

Firn's Icy Rest

Toft's Premium Graveyard. Set in a wide well-kept grove with a small river cutting through it, it takes up the area just north of the Seat of the Polar Court. The ancient evergreens hide expansive mausoleums, burial chambers and, for those less fortunate, plainer-looking graves. Some nearby temples use the Rest for meditation and, in return, help keep it clean and well traversed. While some seedier folk do attempt to use it for their own, nefarious reasons. The graveyard has no official peace-keeping force, but does have a strong alliance with the temples to try to keep vagrants and other groups from taking up residence around the dead.  

Garma's Place of Rest

This Graveyard lacks some of the auspice of Firn's but carries a sense of solemnity not found elsewhere. The Temperature here is noticeably warmer and people leaving here find themselves strangely refreshed. As such, it has become a Place where monks and clerics of all orders find themselves moving to hold their services and other events nearby. On the borders, a number of vendors make food and find themselves capable of creating a "Garma's Sample" or an extremely potent meal that heals and aids people in recovery.   Clerics of Garma tend to collect from these vendors at a steep markup and export these across the continent. No matter the distance or time, these meals don't seem to rot or grow old.  



Pursir's Pool

Upon the refounding of Toft, Pursir made it her goal to come to this pool daily and hold court and maintain relations with the citizenry. In her own way, she kept the understandings of the city separate from the discontent some might feel. With the near-constant presence of Pursir here, this also helped pave the way for the Polar Court to maintain its position and sink roots.   Even now, centuries past since the times Pursir frequented the pool, many scholars and people come to have conversations among the pools. This is also the home of Toft's branch of The Tinkerer's Guild. It is also a common study area for students of the Yellow-Fin Standards.  

Toft's Natural Glade

The Natural Glade is the larger park of Toft. While it lacks the historical maturity and significance of Pursir's Pool, it stands well on its own as a maintenance of the local biosphere before the times of the re-founding of Toft.  


  There are 9 major temples in Toft.  

Temple 1

A general temple of Firn, the Chilled Halfling.

Temple 2

A general temple of Chando Meywa, the Distant Arctele.

Temple 3

A general temple of Karan, the Spelunking Half-Elf.

Temple 4

A general temple of The Raven Queen, Courier of Souls.

Temple 5

A general temple of Plospryn, The Thaw of Spring.

Temple 6

A general temple of Rahz-Pluoht, The Fiery Blade.

Temple 7

A general temple of Garma, the Halfing of the Hearth.

Temple 8

A general temple of MasToch, the Dwarven Flame.

Temple 9

A general temple of Rogalev, the Human Adventurer.

Industry & Trade

While the city is mostly supported by the trade industry, Toft also boasts several massive logging corporations, a constant flow of construction and a massive service community.

Natural Resources

Toft has a massive export and import in wood trade as it serves as a large waypoint for the lumber companies and traders caravans.


  • Toft - Heart of the Frost Shield
    Toft is a city, buried in the heart of the Frost Shield
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  The Polar Court is one of the largest political powers in Renai and oftentimes makes official statements on various orders or edicts handed out, these are recorded in numerous places for posterity..   The Wizards of the College is a group of wizards that have dedicated their lives to the study of the strange and explicitly magical natures of the world. They seek out new strange spells and discover new landscapes in the realms beyond that of Arydia.


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