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The Raven Queen, Courier of Souls

Goddess of Death, Fate, the Shadowfell, Winter and the passage of the soul to the afterlife.

The Raven Queen is the goddess of Ambition, Death, Grave and Order. Deep within the Shadowfell, She rules supreme with her Shadar-kai by her side. She surged up from the darkness against Armide, previous ruler of the Shadowfell and took his place after slaying him. Upon his ruins, she built her empire. She is the goddess of Death and the direct transit of the soul to the afterlife.   Undead are an abomination to her, and those that try to escape death in unnatural ways are an offense to her very being. Groups of Shadar-kai are known to traverse the world of Arydia seeking out and destroying the undead. Those that follow her tenets are found to be under her protection. Some going as far to refusing attempts at reviving them as that would delay their reunion with the queen of the Shadowfell.

Divine Domains

Ambition, Death, Grave, Order,

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Silhouette of a raven.


Contacts & Relations

Firn, the Chilled Halfling: The sense of home and community. The connectedness of the individual. The facing of oncoming fear. Firn is a solid portion of the world, her presence helps to keep the world tied together, people connected with strands of hope over fear.   Chando Meywa, the Distant Locus: The one who lusts after knowledge. Her searches spread far and across the verse, her eyes see the hiding places of all knowledge. Yet her presence is less about the collection of knowledge and more as a means of dissemination, she goes to places so she can be found. A perverse notion upon which she has built the foundation of spreading her knowledge. The Raven Queen holds little malice to her, but retains no sympathy.   Karan, the Spelunking Half-Elf: The seeker of fortune. The seeker holds no benefits to the Raven Queen. She consorts and supports the undead in the many realms, as such she is undeserving of anything.   MeyGana, Roar of the Sea: The Conduit of the mortal realms. She holds the safety of those still living through their travels and journeys. She is a kindred spirit to the Raven Queen, one who she holds in higher esteem than most others.   Plospryn, The Thaw of Spring: If there is a mortal opposite of The Raven Queen, Plospryn would be worthy of the title. While she ushers people down the course of age towards the Raven Queen’s arms. She does so not out of malice, but through a general vibrancy that has people moving through life in hope of being deserving of the final moments and transit beyond. This and her dislike of undeath makes her a firm ally in the mind of the Raven Queen.     Rahz-Pluoht, The Fiery Blade: Rahz takes honor in battle and his frame of mind is that a warrior’s death is a true death. As the courier of the dead, the Raven Queen ushers her Valkyries to the side of Rahz. After all, the tides of battle sweep the lands and the mass of people must be diminished in one way or another. The Battles in which people savor their death and life in an instant are merely a better way to remove them to their afterlives. She respects him to a fair degree.   Garma, the Halfing of the Hearth: The flames of the hearth grow in the night. The sense of hope and community held together are quite nice thoughts.   Rogalev, the Human Adventurer: The pens Rogalev calls cities are breeding areas for pain and horror. To bring a soul from the largest can be anything from a relief to a burden. The sheer variance is the only thing that keeps things interesting. While she isn’t the biggest fan of Rogalev, he has his place.   MasToch, the Dwarven Flame: The continuation of something deserves respect, the celebration of life. Not the worst ideals.   Armide, the Sun Spider: The abomination, brought back from his rightful demise. Lord of the undead, Armide, the true enemy of the Raven Queen. His horrid heat in the summers and the rank smell of decay are facets that are hard to remove from thought or sight.   Hextank, Ascendant: The loud metal. The wrench of steal. The hint of unlife. Not an enemy, but not an ally either.
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