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MeyGana, Roar of the Sea

Goddess of Storms, Sea, Lightning and Thunder, Naval Power and Safe Passage in mortal realms.

Ride the high of the swelling tide,   Bathe in its wrath as it covers your eyes,   The struggle is futile, the fury is wise,   There is no escape for the DraKaise.     Nothing can quench the hungry cry:   Rage and scream or moan and die,   The endless waves await your life.   There is no escape from the DraKaise.     Those that rise to conquer the tide   Are shown the limitless blue of the sky,   Power to silence the enemy's cry...   And even for them, though they may rise,   There is no escape for the Drakaise.     So follow the routes, and know the signs.   Watch the waters and watch the skies.   Let the boundaries stand against the tide.   Know that your call is the DraKaise.     Right your sails and master the tides.   Don’t fall away and lose your sight.   Your power, as always, remains inside.   The blue energy that fuels your life.   You don’t want to escape the DraKaise.
— Flame Ink
One must traverse the routes of this deep blue sea we live beneath, one must find their path in life. MeyGana sees those that travel the deeps, well within the midst of DraKaise, and she wants to protect them. Oftenmost portrayed in a suit of armor that crackles with electricity and covered in ocean-like swirl, MeyGana is a protector, a guide and the possessor of an unrivaled temper.   It is said that the four winds and countless waters of Arydia bow to MeyGana, but are not solely under her control. She acts as a commander of a vast army that ripples the waters and pulls the clouds across the sky. Her ire can generate the worst storms, but not all storms are from her rage. For instance, the Summer Floods are wrenched out of her control by the The Knotted Snake as it writes and attempts to pull to pieces the world the Giants have trapped it within.   In this manner, the protective aspect of MeyGana comes to bear. With stories of waters being held back from the edges of ships racing across the The Coast of Teeth and mysterious guides appearing out of the storm to help merchants and travelers to safety. This has lead to her being known as the guardian of ships and travellers and has garnered her a large amount of worship from those that venture from their homes for travel or as merchants.   Indeed, any merchant guild with sense has altars and offerings given in some fashion to the mistress of the waves, as well as iconography of MeyGana inscribed upon carriages and airships alike. Many attribute values to MeyGana of her love for the underdog. That up and comer who challenges the status quo and risks it all for greatness.   However, she also has other followers in the ranks of armies. Those that her storms route or shield. Commanders and leaders of armies pray for her protection and guidance to help in their campaigns and to swirl the tides of DraKaise so that they might allow the triumph of the commanders who praise her the most. Inevitably, the sailors who find her as their patron and the soldiers who fight under her protection came together to represent her banner as the Vanguard of Navies. For she stands at the crest of every wave and defines the victory of the brave.   She is often associated with Rahz-Pluoht as a commander of Battle and seems to accept this title. She sends blessings to the location of The Skirmishes and represents it with winners finding favor in her eyes. Thus she stands over every battlefield, rides the winds of every storm, is part of every watery tempest and has a shield over every traveller.  


The clergy of MeyGana has no major organization, with most of her clerics and temples sprinkled as they are across the port cities of the continent like Apal and Aegis. However, in the older cities that stand inland, followers of MeyGana are swayed by more than the tides.   Those that maintain monasteries in the Feng Mountains and other regions have a different understanding of the deity. Instead watching as she sways the tides of DraKaise and sets into motion adventure and destruction. They remember the tides of war and her protections that are easily forgotten. They remember the landscapes bathed with blood with her followers on the march.


Travelers, Sailors, Airship Crews, Mercenary Groups, Soldiers... The Followers of MeyGana are many and varied. However, they are more commonly found on the coasts of Ithungsida than further inland. Those in the Middling Plains are far less likely to have an altar than those that live in the rural portions of the Southern Floodlands.   And so, they are usually found living on the wide decks of ships and living at the behest of the sea as rowdy groups that are always happy to raise a toast to the lady keeping them alive. And in general, those that hold to her values are similar in nature, sprinkled across the continent as they are.

Mortal Representation

  A Human clad in metal armor that crackles with energy and bearing a long blue cape that seems to move on it's own accord, potentially with whims of it's own.

Divine Symbol

  MeyGana is most often represented by a picture of a ship at sea with a lightning bolt striking one of the main masts. This symbol has it's variations with other vehicles being represented in similar circumstances.  
March On, through the snow and the ice. March On, through the dark and through the light. March On, See her ever-watchful eyes. March On and be MeyGana's Pride.
— Priest of MeyGana.


MeyGana Favors those that travel under her image and those that don't her domains include Protection, Tempest and War.
Protection, Tempest, War
    MeyGana's Thoughts of Other Deities
Firn, the Chilled Halfling: The port, shelter from the storm, land of recovery. MeyGana understands the need for a place of refuge and respects Firn for being committed to providing such a place. The need for community and the bringing together of community is also of great importance to MeyGana; no ship can weather the storm without a crew sufficiently held together to keep it from grounding.   Chando Meywa, the Distant Arctele: The Wanderlust, tempered by a quest for knowledge. MeyGana respects that. The search for an unknown port or easy crossing. The Travelling for the sake of travelling, yes, that is a fine aim in her eyes.   Karan, the Spelunking Half-Elf: Another sense of adventure and seeking, yet more for the risk and the potential of great rewards beyond the normal. The seek of adventure for the glory that lies in the success. The race to edge past the oncoming storm, towards clear waters that have yet to be reached. Truly, this is a fine sense that deserves respect.   The Raven Queen, Courier of Souls: The Raven Queen is a solitary being to some. Her lashing out on her predecessor and the viciousness she has to some points lead a few to draw away, but MeyGana is intrigued by her tenacity. Her rise from mortality, to death, to the very peak of godhood. Combined with the sense of her helping to take the dead from their fallen forms to the afterlife and her goal to safeguard their travel there makes MeyGana view her as a kindred spirit and Ally.   Plospryn, The Thaw of Spring: The bearer of spring is also the bringer of the warmer weather that brings storms over the land. The signaller of the warmth, the readier of the travellers who will set out to get through the earliest breaks in the frozen passes. MeyGana finds Plospryn to be a fine being to discuss the varied points of mortality with.
Rahz-Pluoht, The Fiery Blade: Rahz dances among the tides of battle, letting the waves ripple over him. He sees the beautiful patterns weaved by man, blade and the spatter of blood. His Aims and goals may not align with MeyGana’s but his gusto for life and his constant aims for triumph and the honor of battle ease her thoughts to him.   Garma, the Halfing of the Hearth: The Hearth, the warmth of the Port, the call of the nightly meals. The safety and comfort that hold are similar to Firn’s yet, he manages to keep it distinct. The Community of a ship is held at the table, shared between the meals. MeyGana can find no major wrongs with Garma.   Rogalev, the Human Adventurer: The Builder and Commissioner of ships. He who spreads his domain. The truth of his spread fuels battle, fuels expansion, fuels transit. Yet his approach is devoid of emotion or gratification. His aims bland and tasteless as he urges more growth and expansion, yet demands the steel grip of order. The metal-bound heart behind the spread is muted and beats rarely. MeyGana finds this worrisome and avoids Rogalev in favor of seeking out somewhere that has a benefit of life and want.   MasToch, the Dwarven Flame: The late nights after entering the new town or the familiar port. The cries of drunken men singing through the nights, the cries of bartenders sending the rowdy on their way. MasToch maintains the celebrations of old and solidifies that with his representation of the various facets of dwarven society.   Armide, the Sun Spider: Armide, the rot of the ship. The decay of community. The mutiny of a ship. The Death in the storm. His facets conflict with the very hopes and desires of MeyGana, she can barely stand to be in the presence of his varied points. He represents summers which have the greatest of the storms and are the best of aims for travel, but that isn’t enough to put up with his putrid presence.   Hextank, Ascendant: The metal being is a ship that glides through any conflict. It faces the brunt of the storm, capable of continuing through anything. It’s mystery holds as the secrets of the storm. MeyGana likes secrets that remain as such, and respects HexTank for the capacity of remaining it’s own secret.


MeyGana Celebrates travellers, travel and storms, a few of her favored holidays include: the Melting of the Passes, The First Storm, The Skirmishes   The Melting of the Passes: The clearing of passes and straightening of the trails are great holidays for the goddess of safe passage, all look forward to the day the passes are no longer covered in ice. So, when couriers rush out from the worst areas of harsh traverse due to the clutches of winter alerting all of the safety of the pass, Adventurers celebrate alongside anyone else who will, then they set out to their dangerous destinations. These include mountain passes, to iceberg laden ocean routes, to plains that have frozen to solid sheets of ice.   The First Storm: The First Storm happens not long after the Second Call, as the breath of the southern giant floods over the oceans and Ithungsida, the winds mix and form large storms that begin to assault the southern borders of the continent. Rains from these storms rage over the continent giving plenty of life giving rains to the vast fields of crops in KravMaw. Many areas have adapted this to dancing in the first rain of the season. Generally an extremely happy time.   The Skirmishes: As the heat of the summer reaches its climax, followers of MeyGana and Rahz-Pluoht band together to host a massive tournament across the continent in which winners are provided with symbols of both deities and given the option to move on to a larger tournament held somewhere across Ithungsida. The Exact Place of the Tournament is rarely the same and ranges from the edges of the southern desert to deep within the bowels of the Feng Mountains. Winners are recognized across the land.
Theme Song
Divine Classification
Neutral Good
Deep Blue
Fine Black hair with blue highlights and curls at the end.

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