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Garden of Renai.

Written by Dejers.
In the bewildering remnants of this horrible disaster, we can only look upon the dust of what was and what no longer is. The city of Apal has fallen and with it, the spirit of Renai will fail and dwindle. We are that thought the majority of our brethren farther north think of when one says "Food" or even "Renai" itself. We are the very understanding of the good in this world and the promise of better tidings.   But we have been given an opportunity with this! We have our vision, adapted to what is needed by our country and our people. With a new understanding of our future, we can become once more, the city that provides. And with it, you, the people of Apal, will become those who provide! The representation of the true people you are, the strong, industrious folk that keep these massive gears turning to drive the community that is Renai.   Even as we look down upon these ashes and see in them our future, people across the cities are piling the ash up and forming it into new bricks. New construction that will define our hopes for generations!   ~Paul BarenSheir, Benefactor of Apal. 980, Apal

Areas in Apal

A number of the areas in Apal.  

Apal Farmlands

The farmlands of Apal stretch up the Sunnan River all the way to the base of the Feng Mountains just north of Hillfront. While it was overrun during the Orcish Incursion, the rural communities stood through the test of time as they retreated from the armies and returned as soon as it was safe. The destruction of the farmlands was complete, but mostly superficial. With the resettling and rebuilding over the next several years with increased military forces in the region, the fields were once again plowed and seeded to fruition.   While the farmlands were evacuated as the orcish armies approached, the communities were not destroyed entirely. The return of the refugees has brought the rural communities to even greater numbers over the years. These communities and the farms they use to maintain constant deliveries to Apal are the integral parts of the city that help to fulfill the title of "The Garden of Renai."  

Apal Northern Barracks

The Northern Barracks of Apal are situated on the northern bank of the Sunnan river very close to the Shipyards and against the ruined wall. The members of these barracks are chosen from the graduating classes of the Island of War. Students that profess and show a propensity for long distance travel and patrol by land are assigned for protection and defense of the northern portion of the city.   And more importantly, the stream of students into the Northern Barracks fuel the endless patrols of the farmlands. The stream of patrols is constant and seemingly never-ending. With the trek being generally defined as Apal to Hillfront and back. They also spend their time on these patrols making sure to check in on the various communities and keeping them connected.  

Barensheir Dam

When spring comes and the mountains of Feng divulge their greed filled hands of snow into the Sunnan river, we can only fear and prepare for the oncoming flood surges. Over our ships and shipyards and shores, the water is endless. Let us build ourselves a protection against this, a dam to block the ensuing floods to a reasonable flow. To protect our interests and trade as we advance towards a glorious future!   ~Paul BarenSheir, Benefactor of Apal.

Apal Shipyards


Trading Post


Ruined Wall


Community Orchard


Collection Warehouse


Isle of the Twin Towers


Southern Barracks


Temple of Unity


Temple of Rogalev


Ruined Barracks


BarenSheir Educational District.

To build a better city, to guide us into the future, to know right from wrong and to prepare adequately. We need to fashion for ourselves a school for all in the city. Tutors like those of the Eritras Academy, but for the least of us to build the greatest. Not in war, but in times of peace like these.   Like a shark from beneath the waves, we will rise until only our fin can be seen by the future. A prediction of the triumph we bring and the defeat of those against us!   ~Paul BarenSheir, Benefactor of Apal.

Temple of MasToch


Temple of Karan


Temple of Chando-Meywa


Guiding Light Lighthouse

We present this lighthouse to honor the new patron deity of Apal, Rogalev. While Firn and Garm have provided such warmth and strength in the past, Apal must move into the future with the aid of the great civilization builder. First goes Apal, then follows Renai.   ~Paul BarenSheir, Benefactor of Apal.

Delta Residential

With the completion of the Barensheir dam, the delta of Apal is open for construction. Where there were swarms of low life and people that fled the spring floods, now we can place homes and grow our city to ever-increasing heights!   ~Paul BarenSheir, Benefactor of Apal.

Wizards of The College


Hex Temple


Temple of MeyGana


Temple of Rogalev, the second


The Grove of Apal


Barensheir Orchard

These apples bear the seeds of our future! Every apple that grows on this land will be a stab at those in Kravmaw that can't hold a sword in defense. Merely wielding their scythes and holding pitchforks until they flee at the first sign of disaster?! No, Kravmaw is the reason Apal fell to those Orcs. They fell back and Renai nearly fell because of them.   ~Paul BarenSheir, Benefactor of Apal.

Broken Isles


The Monasteries


Temples of Firn and Garma


The Ladies Convent


Island of War


  • Apal - Garden of Renai
    Apal is the southernmost city of Devout Monarchy of Renai . With massive fields, it is a burgeoning port city with a large population.


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