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Former Longshoreman

In my time I've seen the worst of the worst. From the filth that crawls out of a hold of rotten Shebizi Flowers, to the worst maintained docks you'll ever see. I decided that if I was risking my life on the daily already, I might just come and work for people that reward that sort of thing.
— DraKaise Battalion Entry Records
  You probably grew up on the sea shore, watched dock workers day in and day out. Just wanted to know how those panels all fit together and what kept a ship moving once it got out onto the sea. You may have wanted to go to sea, you may even have actually been a sailor for a few years, but at some point, you came back to the shore and enlisted with The Longshore Guild.   You survived your floods and became a full-fledged Longshoreman, but then maybe you realized that wasn't your style. Or something drew you away from it. Now you are away from the docks, but the Guild remembers you and may want you to finish training the Apprentices you are supposed to be working with.    
Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, History
Tools: Navigation Tools
Languages: Dwarven
  • A logbook
  • A set of carpentry hammers.
  • Feature: Gainfully Employed.
    Alternative Names
    A skilled Longshoreman is always in high demand.
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      DraKaise Battalion Entry Records. are records gathered by those at The DraKaise Battalion by adventurers seeking entry.

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