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Human Percussion Performer

The beat of the drums resound from the distance as the performers approach.

I beat for Rogalev, to drive the light into the night. To see the brightness of day as my fellows march beside. Now, I hope to beat along with the waves of DraKaise and to find adventure as I serve my god.
— DraKaise Battalion Entry Records.
  The Human Percussion Ceremony is a big deal in Renai. With historical connotations from the Renai Revenge Court overturning the ban on the practice, to it's growth as an almost ever-present part of Renan society. You were perhaps enamored with the drums from a young age. Maybe your family were musicians, so you got your first set of drums when you were a child.   Or perhaps, you found your passion for the drums by accident, maybe while doing something completely different. No matter the origin, you have learned to live and love the ways of the drums. Feeling the beat and sending out soothing rythms when needed. However, your drums are also capable of intensity that is hard to place and hard to deny. Often being the centerpiece of vocal performances or hired on to march alongside traders or armies. No matter your place as a drummer, no matter your history, you are respected for it.    
Skill Proficiencies: Performance, History
Tools: Drums
Languages: Halfling
  • A set of Custom Drums for your performances.
  • The favor of an admirer (Locket of hair, love letter, or trinket)
  • A set of drumsticks.
  • Feature: By Popular Demand.
    Alternative Names
    Drummer Boys, Percussionists, Stickies.
    Skilled percussionists are always in high demand, trained percussionists can always find work when needed.
    Other Associated professions

    Where are these quotes from?

      DraKaise Battalion Entry Records. are records gathered by those at The DraKaise Battalion by adventurers seeking entry.

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