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The City of Martyrs and Oracles.

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Armies, mortal and not... Fueled by hatred. They march from the desert, unknown and unseen until their strike. The walls... They will crumble. Never to stand again, and the city... It will burn for weeks. Eske will burn until the troops marching from the distance can see the smoke and declare their victory. It will burn even as they take the city and press it under their heel. Following the path to the rest of Renai. And then... Not even will our silver lords save us, or those beyond us.   Eske will lie in flames and ruin.
— Madam Eritras Seiens, Oracle of Eske 169, Eske, In Front of the City Center.

Entering the City

Eske is a beautiful town; wide sprawling land with the massive Feng Mountains visible across the Moldatun river, and the large twin mountains of Mt.Tras-Kan and the partially collapsed Mt.Refuse to the south. The cool salty coastal air mixes with the burning of countless piles of incense and scented candles and makes the journey into the city an adventure in terms of smells and sights.   However, when the wind turns the wrong way and the prevailing northern winds fight back, the fine smells and scents of the city are quickly overwhelmed by the horrid stench of the Trash Canyon.    

The Prophecy

In the ashes of the city after the Great Fire of 0168, Madam Eritras Seiens, a local seer who had resided in Eske for an unknown amount of time and had put for the prophecies detailing the actual horrors of the Great Fire, stepped forward to aid in the rebuilding of the city.   She laid out an unorthodox rebuilding of the city, in which the city was expanded to completely cover the land between the Moldatun River and the Ocean, and then to build consecutive walls facing the desert. Walls that would also cover the distance between each source of water... She was promptly laughed out of the Planning Committee. On the steps of the newly rebuilt City Center, she stood and waited with closed eyes and outstretched arms.   After 6 hours of standing, the sun had set, the moon had risen, and the first of the stars were shining down over the massive crowd that had gathered around her and the City Center. People who had heard the initial prophecy of the burning of the city and who wanted to avoid something like that taking place in the future.   As the stars twinkled in the sky, Madam Seiens began to speak. Her voice like thunder with her eyes aflame as she prophesied the inevitable destruction of Eske and from that horrible prophecy, she continued. The fall of Eske would bring about the fall of the entirety of Renai.   So many people were swayed by this prophecy, that the planning committee was upset by the amount of people demanding to be a part of saving the future of Renai.  

Areas in Eske



Situated in the northern portions of the city, far enough from the looming piles that make up the Trash Canyon to get a perfect view of the entire environment. Both peaks of Mt.Refuse and Mt.Tras-Kan can be seen in the same glance and many artists have undertaken the journey to Eske to merely stops at the doors of the Consortium of Rogalev and document the creations and potential downfalls of civilizations.   The Consortium of Rogalev surrounds it's area with special torches made out of incense that floods the air with the scent of iron basked in the fresh smell of pine. Vendors are encouraged to use the area to cook and sell their food making this one of the fairest areas for smells in the city. The Consortium itself is heavily based out of Eske, this religious group has delved deep into the shipping trade with iron claws in the local ports and industry across the country.   They are also known to have interest in a vast variety of other prospects, such as seeking out errant paladins of Rogalev and bringing them into the fold as "Chosen" who they might choose to bestow with gifts and aid in their adventures to form a lasting connection with them. Due to these prospects and such a tight control on the trade in and out of the city, they hold heavy influence with the city government of Eske.  

Blue-Fin Standards

Just off of the river port market district and next to the city center, the blue-fin standard uses the normal torches provided from a government group that has a light smell of fresh books and paper. However, this smell is faint and easily overpowered on days with a strong breeze from the Trash Canyon. This collection of buildings is, however, good at blocking the majority of the winds.   The Blue-Fin Standards is a functional part of the Nation-wide, government funded set of school districts aiming to provide a median standard of education to all of Renai's halfling citizens. While it has some heavy separations via social and wealth stratification, it does fulfill the general aims of teaching as many people as it can, what the government believes they should know.

Eyes of Chando

The Eyes of Chando are situated directly across from the Consortium of Rogalev and many buildings have large eyes depicted in the direction of Rogalev. One of the few outward signs of the feud between the two organizations. Due to the vendors consistently lining nearby streets, the smells of the area are of fresh cooked food of many varieties and the faint smell of freshly cut grass mixed with the smell of recently fallen rain. Many comments have been made about the amazing combination and calmness felt in the area just around the organization.   The Eyes of Chando itself is another religious community that is, to both group's disdain, often likened to the Consortium of Rogalev. The Eyes itself is an almost independent community within Eske, built around the former home of Madame Seiens after her disappearance. Many scholars, hopeful seers and mystical people embark on pilgramages to the community to learn the ways and methods tought there. Many small groups of wizards, martial artists and followers of Chando Meywa, the Distant Arctele are known to inhabit the area. While a number of folk have appeared with similar capabilities and added to the legitimacy of the community, in general it is viewed as a bunch of people ignoring the reality of life and trying to gain access to powers outside their ken.   However, the organization still holds a large amount of clout in the city government due to history and the potential use of their few real seers to aid the city.  

City Center

The City Center is the oldest building in Eske, with entire rooms remaining from the original construction over a thousand years in the past. It has, however, been largely rebuilt at least 3 times after almost wholesale destruction alongside the rest of the town.  

Main Residential Area

The general residential areas of Eske are quiet and well-meaning, due to the strict upbringing most of the city grows up under, gangs and other organizations find it hard to work their way into the residential areas without being quickly forced out or summarily neutered.

Eritras Military Academy

The Eritras Military Academy was founded by the Prophetess Seiens herself. She gathered, from the population of Eske, 23 children and enrolled them as the first class of the Eritras Military Academy. She spent 8 years teaching them to fight each other and the elements. Incorporating manual labor, long distance travel and spelunking into dangerous areas beneath the surface to teach them the ways and strategies of war.   On the 8th year, she handed the deed to the land to her graduating members. She proclaimed them prepared to begin the teaching of many other, newer children the ways of war.
"I leave you, the first children of this, the Eritras Academy, to go into the world and fashion from your beings the greatness of the cosmos and turn this school into the greatest in the land."
— Madam Eritras Seiens, Oracle of Eske
  Of Those 23, 12 spent the rest of their lives building the Eritras Military Academy into the institution of greatness it is known as today.  

T. MeyGana/Rahz-Pluoht

This field is suspended between the temples of MeyGana and Rahz, both are focused entirely on the aspects of war each deity has. This is considered by most, an extension of the Eritras Military Academy, as students are constantly practicing formations and movements under the watchful eyes of the priests.   However, a key point to the field is the lack of restrictions. Anyone in the city is allowed to come learn basic strategy and participate in the events that are generally practiced with blunt light weapons.  

Field of Wind

The Field of Wind is a massive field of windmills used for various projects and the milling of vast amounts of grain into flour. Generally this area is filled with students from the Eritras academy learning the value of a job well done.

Barracks of the 83rd

The Barracks of the 83rd are the training grounds for the City Guard. However, this doesn't mean anything from a straight perspective. The Barracks of the 83rd was founded by the 2nd class of the Eritras Academy as a sort of secondary education that expounds on the teachings Eritras provides and puts it into practical use via employing its students as the city guard.   The Barracks of the 83rd also send out patrols through the Trash Canyon and fill inquiries on the current migration of the massive rat population and other creatures that have taken up residence there.  

Wall of memories.

The Wall of memories was the first wall of defense for the city of Eske in the Orcish Incursion. The various troops stationed on the wall were surprised, but prepared, after all. This was exactly what they were prepared for.   The various groups held out for impressive amounts of time, reducing the damage to the population behind the wall and helping to slow the advancement of the Orcish Hordes. Of particular note for their Bravery and Valor while holding the line the longest are those that held the following gates: The Gate of the 204th, the Gate of the 51st, theGate of the 99th.

Ports of Eske

Port Seiens

  Port Seiens was rebuilt and renamed after the Great Fire of 0168, taking the name of the Prophetess, they quickly resumed operations and aided in the redesign of the city. In modern times(since the reconstruction after the Orcish Incursion), they are the bigger port and get most of the traffic that comes down the Moldatun River.  

Port Martyr

Port Martyr was built at the same time Port Seiens was rebuilt after the Orcish Incursion, in an attempt to pick up the trade before Seiens could recover. However, due to the upholding of old contracts, most shipping companies stuck with Seiens. However, Martyr has grown to dominate the Airship traffic.  

Port Authority

Due to hostilities between Port Martyr and Port Seiens, the Port Authority was established to mediate the traffic, trade and use of various resources to reduce the capabilities of either port. As such, most independent travelers reach out to the Port Authority rather than attempting to approach either port directly.

River Port Market District

The River Port Market is full of merchants who buy up excess incoming goods and disperse their goods across the city. The main differential between the River Port and the Dock District's merchants are the types of fish they sell.  

Dock District

The Dock District covers the docks, shipyards, merchants and other portions that are included on the eastern side of the city Due to the Constant traffic, the Dock District is incredibly dense in comparison to the rest of the city. The roads are smaller and the amount of people wandering the streets are always much greater. For this reason, many who live in the Dock District refer to the Docks as almost an entirely different city from the rest of Eske.  

Ocean Port

The Ocean Port only bears mention due to the large amount of the population that lives offshore on houseboats and other fashions of vehicle. The Ocean Port is generally viewed in this sense as a residential section, from the various people avoiding taxes, to the crews of navy vessels and trading ships that off board to contribute to the economy.

The Trash Canyon

At 10 miles wide and 2 miles long, the Trash Canyon is a study in new environments. Bigger than most cities, and built out of refuse that has accumulated over centuries, this is one of the most unique environments in Ithungsida. The former glory of the Trash Canyon is only now beginning to reassert itself after the massive fires that raged throughout a fair amount of the Canyon before running out of viable fuel. Explorers of the Canyon claim that the fire carved out amazing caverns deep inside the canyon, however, this has not been independently verified.   Part of the Canyon are the two massive mountains that have been built out of trash and potentially boredom? Requiring Airships and skill to grow beyond the first several dozen feet. Mt.Tras-Kan and Mt.Refuse are the only mountains that have exceeded 100 feet in height.  


Mt.Refuse is a success and a failure, the massive mountain once stood at 289 feet tall, however, the lackadaisical application of waste brought everything crashing down in a massive avalanche that shattered the once beautiful mountain of trash. The remnants of Mt.Refuse stands at 176 feet tall.


Currently standing at 328 feet tall, Mt.TrasKan is the pinnacle of construction. The careful application of rotten guts and biological waste as Tras-Kan grew in size, kept it stable and solid even as it dwarfed the previous height of Mt.Refuse. The current construction and addition to Mt.Tras-kan has been paused since the conclusion of the Orcish Incursion, rumors of caverns being burned through the canyon have brought concerns about the stability of the mountain.   Mt.Tras-Kan lit aflame in 1107.

The Fallen's Abode

The Fallen's Abode is a massive memorial and functional graveyard honoring those who fell in the Orcish Incursion. It is also used as a graveyard for alumni of the Eritras Academy and the fallen of various groups such as the Renai Revenge Squads, it is maintained by the six temples that have residence on the land.  

T. Karan

A general temple of Karan, the Spelunking Half-Elf.  

T. MeyGana

A general temple of MeyGana, Roar of the Sea.  

T. Raven

A general temple of The Raven Queen, Courier of Souls.

T. Plospryn

A general temple of Plospryn, The Thaw of Spring.  

T. Chando

A general temple of Chando Meywa, the Distant Arctele.  

T. Firn

A general temple of Firn, the Chilled Halfling.


A larger than average city guard marks the first major difference between Eske and other cities in Devout Monarchy of Renai.   the second major difference is the heavy navy presence on both sides of the city, with a large division of the Royal Navy in the bay and just off the coast of Eske.   The third major difference would be the walls... The massive walls are in bad repair with wooden structures built over the rubble of older portions of the wall. And a second wall can be seen beyond that, however the final wall is almost completely destroyed.

Industry & Trade

Eske is also known as the Landfill of Renai. Namely in that, they have taken shipments of excess waste from all corners of the kingdom and stored it in their ever-growing Trash Canyon. This trade as well as being the last stop between Moldatun and The Slavers of Forkden keeps the city thriving.   On top of that, the Eritras Military Academy is one of the most respected institutions in all of Ithungsida, let alone Renai. The Renai Revenge Squads have permanent advisors in the city to help guide people into the service, especially people who grow up here.

Guilds and Factions

While the Devout Monarchy of Renai has representatives and collects taxes, the communities within Eske are relatively circumspect of their members and fight to keep the benefits of the city in their interests. Among these groups stand three as the driving forces in the city; the Eyes of Chando, the Consortium of Rogalev, and Eritras Academy/Barracks of the 83rd.  

Eyes of Chando

The Eyes of Chando are a group of seers that swarmed the town during Madame Seien's time and built communities to learn from her. Many here recount the many prophecies and try to apply it to the world around them. They are some of the largest supporters of making and preserving more memorial sites across the city.  
Who are we to see the future if, by doing so, we forget the past. If we are to do such things, what use are we?
— VIolet Bue of the Eyes of Chando.

Consortium of Rogalev

The Consortium is the Base of Operations in Renai for the Followers of Rogalev. While some have accused the consortium of undue bribery and manipulation of various areas, there is usually little that can be linked back to them or their members. They keep members high up in the beauracracy and fend off any legislation that would negatively impact their mission.
Rogalev protects and guides us through the darkness of the future, much like Seiens was a prophet of her times we shall endeavor by her example to help lead Eske through the times ahead.
— High Priest of the Consortium of Rogalev


The Eritras Academy and the Barracks of the 83rd are aligned in principle and keep money flowing in all directions to support the city guard and to keep the city in an active state should future predictions of Madame Seiens come to pass. They tend to follow the lead of the Eyes of Chando and much the same in return.  
When the orcs marched on Eske, Eritras was here in spirit. Moved by the words of her prophecy, we enacted the future she hoped we would. As such, we continue to hold fast and follow her words towards the future she has cast out for us.
— Maiz Seiens the 123rd Headmaster of Eritras Academy.


The first city founded in Renai after the Refounding of the kingdom, Eske is the oldest city in Renai, only second to Moldatun.   In 126, a lady made her presence in the city known, one that would forever shape the future of the city. This was a lady by the name of Madam Eritras Seiens, and she proclaimed herself as an oracle.


The city of Eske is built with a siege in mind. With carefully constructed roadways and buildings made for holding out against hordes of various sorts of enemies. Along the streets are countless candle-holders filled daily with scented candles to drive away the stench of the Trash Canyon.


The City of Eske is built on the narrowest point between the Ocean and the massive Moldatun River, a mere 10 miles separates the ocean and the river, yet the river continues for countless miles beyond this near-juncture.

Natural Resources

A number of Fields to the South and the North of Eske house workers and produce a fair amount of grains and other produce that helps to sustain the self-sufficiency of the city.


  • Eske - City of Martyrs
    Eske, the City of Martyrs and Oracles.
Alternative Name(s)
The Martyr city, the city of Oracles
Large city
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Owning Organization

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