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Deepmaw Badlands

The Rotting, Diseased Forests of Eastern Ithungsida!

The badlands were once the heart of the great DeepMaw Forest, filled with towering oaks and beautiful trees. Guarded by Elves, giants, and treants alike. Until Man came and he and the Orcs tore the beauties of the south into the desert it is now.   Remove this plague from our land! Elves should guard our homes, not watch as they are destroyed by the mortal mongrels!
— Elven Supremacist Group
  The Badlands are a dead land. Filled with new saplings growing from rotting wood, only to be struck down by an unknown plague that kills all just after maturity. Just enough survive to continue the process. Now, those that live within are warped beyond measure. Many of the Grugach live here, along with groups of druids that seek to reverse the damage. But there is no known cause and there is no known cure.   Mention of this land is often followed by a glance to the skies and the touch of a pantheonic emblem. For most assume this to have been caused by Darchada, however, few stop to think about the lack of growth being the last thing Darchada would be interested in. Monsters lurk in these woods as well, pulled into the world by MerGus and left to starve and wreak havoc before attempting to cross the Southern Desert to civilization.   It is said that many members of The Lichdom call this place home, finding energies in the rot and decay, and learning secrets to avoid the ends of old age. Too few adventurers wander that way to confirm or deny any such claims. And the Badlands always remain the same.

Flora and Fauna

The Badlands have a wide variety of plants and animals, but the wasting disease strikes them down only months after they have given birth or passed along their progeny. Not allowing growth or the continuation of any kind of histories. The peoples that live there, including some Half-Orc tribes also see this occur and are careful to keep women and children free of the influence of the region.


The Badlands are a largely rotting forest filled with dead and diseased plants and animals alike. Paths fall away almost as soon as they form and the rivers that flow from the Wall of Teeth are fouled with the rot and disease. The landscape inspires only death and sickness, the valleys are filled with refuse. The majority remains a plain that is filled with trees from the base of the Wall of Teeth to the sands of the Southern Desert.

Natural Resources

No government allows the import of anything from the badlands for the fear that the wasting disease will spread and strike down life on the continent. Though there is no proof of this, still the restrictions are firm and the repercussions are harsh.
Alternative Name(s)
Deepmaw Forest, Feet of the Wall of Teeth
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  The Elven Supremacist Group was active for a while before falling apart under the weight of Pusna Daerg. This was a support for one of their rallies in the Forests of Uuku.

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