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Violent, Tribal, Semi-nomadic humanoids.

They March, every day, and some of the nights. They stroll across the continent in the wake of their ancestors plight. They see the death and destruction wrought, some seek to make it right.   But the Half-Orc sees and the Half-Orc knows that it's very soul is that of blight.   For man has given him a soul. And Mankind have given them their goals. They will bend and kneel, and continue to march.   Their tusks used as steel after they've been snapped off. The last of Vhaskus's Spawn beginning to Rot.
— Evils of MerGus, Evils of Vhaskus, Evil of Orcs.
    Half-orcs’ grayish pigmentation, sloping foreheads, jutting jaws, prominent teeth, and towering builds make their Orcish heritage plain for all to see. It also makes them intensely resilient, able to be found in nearly any region of Ithungsida. From the blinding heat of the Dragon's Thorn, to the frost-clad Interior. Half-Orcs are a largely Nomadic species, traveling in large tribes and taking circuitous paths across the continent.   Due to their constant travel, members of the various tribes are often hired on by rural villages to help with the work as they pass through. This has made it so the larger tribes, such as the OwkHaam, follow predetermined paths to reach the same areas they had before.  


Like Many other Races that inhabit Ithungsida, Half-Orcs have preternatural Night Vision. They are capable of picking out details in the darkness out to 20 yards due to enhanced light cones in their eyes. This makes them adept hunters and trackers, capable of stalking prey through the night as well as the day.

Successful Hybrids

The Half-Orc is an exceptional hybrid of Human and Orc, taking some of the best qualities of each through natural selection. While the first of these were created in the times of Vhaskus, Undeath of Mergus, his banishment and ensuing death did nothing to remove the populace. The breeds and utility of the species breeding true through seemingly any union.

The Tribes

The organizations most acknowledged and associated with Half-orcs as a species are the Three major tribes: OwkHaam, Zugaimuha, and KumaSaal.  
This tribe is the largest tribe in Ithungsida, and also the least solid. While their numbers reach possibly into the hundreds of thousands, the tribe itself is recognized solely by the paths it takes. The tribe itself is riddled with countless divisions of gods followed and values held. This makes it hard to say with any certainty the traits or understandings of this group.
While these are the newest prominent tribe of half-orcs, these stand out for there commitment and unwielding loyalty to the The Raven Queen, Courier of Souls. During a Feud with The Lichdom the Raven Queen stepped up to protect some Half-orc followers being targeted by swarms of the undead.   Now, this group seeks out rumors of undead uprisings and seeks to destroy any and all necromancers. The routes followed by this group are not laid in stone and find resources and aid from the many settlements they aid. This is the second largest group of Half-Orcs.
This is the group that sets the standard for being vicious and deadly. Entry is not guaranteed and works entirely off of an ancient "Right to Rule" system that maintains that the strong rule and guide.   They constantly seek out new challenges, battles and beasts to slay. These are vigorous worshipers of Rahz-Pluoht, The Fiery Blade, believing his word to be law. A usual requirement of merely traveling with the group is the jawbone of three separate bears. Due to the stringent requirements found in this group, the population rarely exceeds more than a few hundred.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
50-70 years.
Average Height
5-6.5 feet tall.

Where did these quotes come from?

  The Evils of MerGus, Evils of Vhaskus, Evil of Orcs. is a religious pamphlet primarily written by survivors of the The Orcish Incursion. It reflects a minority opinion of Half-Orcs after the Incursion that has largely been quashed in civilized areas, yet sometimes lurks beneath the surface.

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