Outcasts scorned for their origins and reviled for their power.

A new people arise from the ashes of the Pusna Daerg, that Red Stalker of the night. That plague that has ravaged our lands and destroyed so many pure souls.   Their skin is mottled red and purple with as burns. Their wiry hair feels as the grass of the winter field. Their bodies adorned by those traits of Mergus, the horns, tails and claws of evil. They find no respite in their former homes. After all, how can they be looked upon with anything but horror? These monsters that have risen from the darkness of our sorrow can't be seen at all. They are but mortal reminders of our folly, and as such are only fit to be cast from our sight.
— Records of the Red Stalker
  The Tiefling is molded by an upbringing of fear and scorn that pervades their lives. Tieflings are held in contempt and scorn in human and elven societies, with few finding any true place of belonging inside settlements dominated by these peoples. However, their natural aptitude for magic and specific strengths often buy them a place in said societies. More often than that, however, Tieflings find their services admired and even requested outside of human dominated areas.   Many Tieflings find suitable homes in Renai or SosIwa that accept them for the people they are outside of their horrible origins.  

Meldings with the Reviled

After the Red Stalker ripped through Ithungsida, the survivors found a new breed of creatures being born from those afflicted by the disease. They came out with warped skin and extra-natural appendages such as horns, claws and sometimes even tails.   With these additions, many denoted the obvious comparisons to demons and devils. Tieflings have never been able to escape this linkage of identities and are most commonly known as demon-touched or sired. The mere birth of a tiefling can stain the heritage of an entire family for generations.  

Outcasts forged in fire.

Few Tieflings have stable childhoods. Even should their parents be accepting of their affliction, the chances of the community having that same opinion is slim at best. Most tiefling children are cast from their places of origins, often with the rest of their family in tow. Rarely does a group escape any sort of scorn due to the birth of a tiefling.   This is especially not helped by the exhibition of extra-natural talents and a high aptitude for magic within the race. With so many spurned children and outcasts, acts of revenge heightened by these powers are often depressingly common. Many settlements having been ravaged by that same child that was cast out to die in the wilderness years prior.
Genetic Ancestor(s)

Where are these quotes from?

This quote was lifted from a page of the Records of the Red Stalker which was recorded by Halfling and Dwarven scholars that made their way through the worst parts of those areas stricken by Pusna Daerg.

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