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Hardy, Industrious, Alcoholic Humanoids that mine the great mountains.

With the other two leaders defeated, lying drunken on the ground and being attended to by their vassals, Raknar Feng stood. He looked around at the gathered groups before letting loos an animalistic scream of victory.   "Here on the wrock of this mountain, the dishpute is shettled. Th- tha [sputter] SosIwa have the mowntains. The Fang Mountains, those tha’ reach tha sky as an open maw wi’ teeth to piewce the h’ens and graswp the clouds as victowy."   Unfortunately, his drunken slur and the fact that he slept for three days afterwards ensured that the groups sent out messengers to all portions of the mountains declaring them as the “Feng” mountains and under the control of the people known as SosIwa.
— Raknar Feng: Claiming the Mountains
  Stories speak of MasToch stepping into the new world and finding delight in it, yet unlike the others of The Pantheon, he left the Eladrin and Elves and instead formed from the sunbaked earth of Iwa a people not unlike himself. A people who could understand honor and family and life, whose culture would have that interwoven into their very psyche. A people he could truly call his own.   So obsessed was MasToch with his creation in Iwa, that he never stepped into Ithungsida. Eschewing that landscape for the hot sands and fields that his people were now learning to thrive in. And thus, his children learned the ways of dealing with the hot sun and prospered as the began to delve into the earth and learned what secrets and riches hid there.   It wasn't until the Landing of the Fourth Fleet of Iwa that the first Dwarves stepped onto the shores of Ithungsida, but when they did, they brought the echoes of Iwa with them. Showing the civilization they had constructed and bringing it to this new land. The landing of the Fourth Fleet is said to have kickstarted the revolutionary tendencies of the penned Humans penned to the Dytikan Coast and spurred Brodray and Pursir to return to Moldatun and bring Halflings back to the landscape. In all, without them, Ithungsida would be such a different place as to be unrecognizable.   Now the Feng Mountains are hollowed, the canyons explored and the train tracks plastered from one end of the continent to the other. The dwarves of SosIwa remember the past and contribute towards the funding of The DraKaise Battalion to ensure the future.  

Children of the Earth.

In the ancient lands of Iwa, the dwarves dominated the life that shewed from the sun. They mastered the undersides of the mountains and found the cooler caverns that were unscathed by the harsh glare of the sun and the The Fire Giant of the South. There they mastered stonework, learned to delve beyond the hardest rock, and became people of the lowest variety before binding to themselves with grips of iron and forearm. Forming bonds that could hollow mountains with the picks they carried, and could shape the surface even without the direct strike of their picks.

Bound by Blood and Stone.

The Clans that they hold together within are family units that have existed for countless generations. Linked in bonds to all other members of the species, from ancient treaties, to common ancestries, to seeing the earth beneath them as the same landscape that holds all of them. Dwarves see the clan as a sacred object, a natural extension of the family unit. Something to be honored and upheld. Something that tends to overpower all other respects of life. This leads the DraKaise-Stricken to be cast away and ancient traditions to be upheld for reasons no more than that they have been upheld.

Dwarven Organizations

Founded by Raknar Feng, with the land he and his troupe won from the native Goliath and Aarakocra populations, SosIwa inhabits the Feng Mountains and as such possesses immense material wealth that is largely constrained to the major clans.
The DraKaise Battalion
A holdover from the times of Iwa, the most recent incarnation of the Battalion is that of a group that helps to protect much of Ithungsida. With groups traveling the continent and fending off various levels of evils. Many DraKaise-Stricken are sent here by their clans as to remove them before the taint on the clan's honor can spread.
Scientific Name
Homo Dwarficus Sapien
350-450 years
Average Height
4-5 feet tall.
Average Weight
150-200 pounds.

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  Raknar Feng: Claiming the Mountains is a historical drama reenacting Raknar Feng's life and accomplishments.

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