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Those wise ones favored by Plospryn

The ones behind, who did not find. The light of the gods below. They remained, in their world alone. Still they make, their lonesome trail, from their world to ours. And when they see, and when they see, they’ll know of our scars.
— Elven Children’s story.
  When the elves flocked to the portals of the new Material Plane, they did not step through. Choosing to spurn the Material world that the giants had reformed for the feywild they knew. They stayed and remained in the mutable, ever changing lands of the fey. And while they remained, Plospryn found them there.   She offered them the capacity to be closer connected to the lands of the fey, to live in the moment and to find the world through lenses of their own. Many accepted and learned to feel the underlying rules of the Feywild. Not to understand them, but to help accept the wild natures that is that landscape. They learned to twist and change with the landscape and then to truly live in the moment.   Each and every emotion they feel warping how they interact with the worlds they inhabit. Even with these changes, they stayed the most similar to the Archfey and merely became as their ancestors, but refined. These view the subraces of the Material plane as a lesser people that have yet to ascend to the understandings of the true nature of the universe.   However, they don’t hold this against them. Preferring to focus on more vibrant topics of life and love. Many or most of these are fervent worshippers of Plospryn, spreading her word and guiding others to why they should hold her above others. Not all are religious, but it is rare to find disheartened or downtrodden Eladrin.   Commonly Found in: Eladrin largely remain in the Feywild. However, when they leave, they enjoy roaming the various forests and natural places of Ithungsida. While they are far fewer in number than the other subraces of elf, the Eladrin head out into the worlds to find new points and interesting things to see.

Where are these quotes from?

  The Elven Children's Story Snippets have been collected over the years and standardized into the base qualities that Elves seem to seek from each story.

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