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The Interior

The frozen Interior of the Frost Shield, coldest place on Ithungsida.

A silver to the Caelfoc for clearing our carriages first.   A gold to the city for putting us up in guild halls over making us stay in the hostels.   Two gold to the gods; one to Rogalev for the roads we walk on and one to MeyGana for safeguarding our passage along them.   Five Gold to the Frost Giants for safe passage on their lands.   But when we get to Moldatun I'll be a rich man!
— Trader's drinking song
The lowest temperatures on Ithungsida are found in the Interior, blocked on one side by the Draconic Range and open to the strong northern breath of the The Frost Giant of the North, the landscape here is close to inhospitable. With the temperatures so low even during the warmer months of summer, most farming is completely unsustainable, with crops refusing to even sprout without the use of specialized greenhouses fueled by Bulette Powder-powered engines. Tales are told that the temperatures are worsened by the Interior being the domain of the Draconic Duo of Brodray and Pursir.
  The cities of Mikill and Brekka are both built on Mines that dig deep into the ice-crusted snow and into the ground below in search of the gold and other items that are common in the various hills and most of the towns capable of sustaining themselves model their construction after this. However, the rural populations of these areas are threadbare and almost non-existent due to the difficulties of surviving. The largest provider of work in the region are the branches of the Caelfoc Union that keep the roads clear and monsters at bay for the trade routes that plunge through the icy wastelands.   Trade routes are often impacted by the weather and movement of various creatures that render the routes more inhospitable than would be initially thought. From Icespine Bulettes to Remorhaz to Frost Giants patrolling the various portions of the territory they claim in the region. While they don’t impose, to any great degree, restrictions on passing through their territory, the territory they do have is often wilder and returned to nature in some way or another.   They keep the various wild dragon populations low, trim the remorhaz populations, but encourage the packs of Dire Wolves and Moose to move wider afield and interact negatively with the trade routes, which causes friction between the Devout Monarchy of Renai and the Frost Giants.  


The Interior is a tundra and a harsh wasteland with stands of frozen, dead trees and low-lying scrub willows. Due to the surrounding mountain ranges the influence of the ocean on the weather is dramatically lessened, temperatures here are the coldest in Ithungsida with lows of -40C (-40F) during the winter being common. The temperature swings between summer and winter tend to be more extreme in the Interior in comparison to the coast, but not as extreme as the Frost Shield.

Flora and Fauna

Only the toughest of houndfolk huskimo tribes stay in this region over the winter. Most groups migrate south to the Frost Shield. In the cities, the thick-skinned and hardworking seek their fortunes.  

Natural Resources

As with most of the rest of the north-eastern portions of Ithungsida, the greatest natural resources are in the ground and are exported in bulk. Metals, precious gems and stones are the greatest exports.   Local houndfolk keep massive herds of caribou, snow sheep and diregoats for shearing in the summers and meat/warmth in the winters. The fur is often exported to other areas of Renai, but the majority is dispersed across the interior for insulation and clothing.
Alternative Name(s)
The Frozen Wastes, Frost Giant's Domain, Freezing Dust
Desert, Ice
Location under
Frost Shield
Included Locations
Owning Organization

Where are these quotes from?

  This Traders Drinking Song is sourced from several major trading companies that cross Renai by foot. It details the bribes and costs of safeguarding passage and generally ascends in the amounts of gold claimed to be offered at each interval.   The song ends with the stanza "I'll be a rich man" replaced with "I'll be poor enough to have to go again!"

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