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Renan Rural Acolyte

The northern faithful often find a need for worship in the rural temples.

We lived a ways out from Moldatun, deep in the Interior. The only people we saw were the annual traders that stopped by to top us off with rations and news of the ever-changing landscapes of Ithungsida.   Jorl said it was dangerous to listen to. Said that his brother had caught the DraKaise from words like that. I suppose I should have listened to him, I might not be here now.
— DraKaise Battalion Entry Records.
  You have spent your life as a faithful in the northern wastes of Renai. While you may have started your Journey in the city of Moldatun(or perhaps one of the other cities of Renai), you were assigned to be an acolyte in one of the rural temples. Here you lived and learned from the ancient giant of your temple, learning the secrets of The Pantheon and the rites that they all favor.   Choose a single member of the Pantheon that your temple focused it’s worship on and think about how your service in the temple would have been performed. Were you a lesser functionary, raised to serve in the temple after adopted from the streets of Moldatun to hold to a higher purpose? Or were you a traveling priest who tired of crossing the Draconic Range in search of people to teach and remind of the ways of the gods?    
Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Religion
Languages: Giant, Halfling
  • A holy symbol of your favored member of the pantheon
  • A prayer book filled with the doctrines of your deities followers
  • 5 sticks of Incense
  • Vestments
  • Feature: Shelter of the Faithful.
    Alternative Names
    Rural Acolyte, Silver Guardians
    Rural Acolytes are often recruited from orphanages or the streets of various cities in Renai.

    Where are these quotes from?

      DraKaise Battalion Entry Records. are records gathered by those at The DraKaise Battalion by adventurers seeking entry.

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